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Social media managers are a perfect candidate for utilizing Showit as their website platform. Showit is ideal for most any service based provider but you guys especially can get a site built, add your packages and get launched quickly! I want to share my top 6 Showit templates for social media managers today to give […]

One thing I love is seeing all my fave do-it-yourself entrepreneurs rockin’ the website journey on their own using one of my templates. I am so grateful to be able to help so many of you guys get started by providing professional, ready to go website templates that you can easily customize. BUTTT there are […]

The core of your business and the message behind your website needs to help the hero (your ideal client) solve the problem they have. Your hero is who your business helps through products, services, and anything else you offer. Before you can write copy, design your website, or craft your perfect offer, you need to […]

Showit is the new Squarespace for creative female entrepreneurs who want the flexibility to DIY their own websites, without the stress of code or plugins.  Hop into any Facebook group thread asking “Where should I host my website?” and you’ll see two prime contenders in the female entrepreneur world: WordPress and Squarespace. WordPress tends to […]

Before choosing a Showit template to feature your services, go through these 3 steps to make the decision process easier. “I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.” – Lindo Leade Choosing a Showit template goes beyond finding a website that looks good. The features, […]

“If what you are communicating about your product isn’t directly related to helping your customers survive and thrive, they aren’t going to pay attention.” – Donald Miller When it comes to your website you HAVE to keep it simple when telling people what it is you do. You want your audience to use as little […]

Using stock photos is a great way to build a professional, cohesive website especially if you are not in a place where you can just hire a brand photographer to create some personal, branded ones for you. Choosing the right stock images is so important when it comes to your website or social media because […]

Alright guys, I know I’m going against the grain here a bit in our “outsource-outsource-outsource” world of entrepreneurship lately. Yes, we all need to focus on what we do best and become an expert at that offering but most of the time when we are just starting out a new business venture, we can’t afford […]

Client testimonials are essential for growing your business. They provide your business with credibility and give your potential clients both a sense of security and trust but also confidence that your services will actually help them like they helped others. If you are just starting out it can be hard to get your first few […]

I see it a lot… “Does my business need a website? Hardly anyone in my industry seems to have one.” “Does it really matter if I have a website or not?” “People can check out my Instagram or my Facebook page, I’m not sure I need to invest in a website when I am just […]

Deciding on a brand color palette for your business is a big decision. Color has such a strong emotional and psychological affect that you may not have considered! People usually mess up this part of their branding by doing one of three things when choosing their colors: They don’t commit to a color scheme, they […]

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