The Caitlin Renee Showit Template Showcase

Our Caitlin Renee Showit Template for coaches and consultants is a fun, modern design with my easy-to-follow writing prompts to help you knock out a high-converting website in no time.

This Showit template has a wellness theme and a soft, calming color palette – but fret not. You can easily customize this template to fit your business’s unique needs by changing up the colors, tweaking the canvases, and adding your brand photography.

You can snag what you need and get the template only (perfect if you are already familiar with Showit and want to save some money) or you can add on our Website Workshop that takes you through the entire website building process step-by-step in just 5 days.

The Website Workshop comes with our signature Showit course Launch With Moxie as well as instant access to our private community, tons of bonus material such as an additional canvas library, our website content planner, ready to go brand kits you can personalize in Canva, a welcome sequence and freebie PDF template, and much more. What’s not to love?

Now, ready to check out the template? Let’s do this! And then scroll down to see some client and customer examples utilizing this design.

Caitline Renee Showit Website Template for Coaches, Educators, Consultants and More

Template Showcase #1 // Caitlin Renee Template Customization for Terri Augustyn Real Estate Advisor

Meet Terri Augustyn! A Michigan native living it up in Argyle, TX, Terri has a no-bs approach as she helps GenX women build financial stability through real estate.

Terri came to me to get a website where she could share more about the work she does and connect with women who could benefit from her service. So we went to town with my Caitlin Renee website template to create a central hub for Gen Xena where prospects could learn more not only about the services but also about Terri and her background.

We kept the color palette light and airy, with plenty of white space and fun pops of color to drive the visitor’s eye through the story. Whatcha think? Check out the final results below!

Template Showcase #2 // Caitlin Renee Template Customization for Amy Roberts, Real Estate Agent & Aging in Place Specialist

Meet Amy Roberts, an Aging-in-Place specialist helping people find their forever homes and live safely and confidently.

Amy chose Caitlin Renee, one of our favorite templates from the fall 22 launch

Caitlin is fun and calm, with a pep in her step to motivate anyone to spur into action. We added Amy’s soft color palette, used a combination of stock and original photography, and chose a minimalist font for an inviting website that encourages visitors to wander around.

Check out her site in action!

Caitlin Renee is such a versatile design. Easily stand out to your target audience with the bold color play that you can customize to fit your branding. Follow the strategic text placeholders and develop your website wording in a way that will turn your visitors into buyers.

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