Website Workshop: Launch Your Biz Website in 5 Days or Less

There are many reasons why you’d postpone launching a business website. Some people don’t enjoy working with tech. For others, there’s not enough time in the day. But your website is a valuable asset in your marketing strategy. Your website can:

  • Promote your services and offers
  • Help build your brand awareness
  • Build an audience outside of social media
  • Foster credibility and trust
  • Help you look like a legit business owner

Your website is a worthy investment in growing your business. We want to make creating and launching it as smooth as possible for you. 

Introducing The Website Workshop

The Website Workshop is an on-demand program (designed to last five days, but really, take your time) with activities that build up to launching your business website. Every day focuses on a specific area of your website, from branding to the technical aspects of Showit, so that you feel confident customizing your template to fit your unique needs and preferences.

What the Website Workshop includes:

✓ Exclusive access to the Launch with Moxie Showit Course, a video tutorial library that covers everything you need to know and do to build your website in Showit.

✓ Resources and steps for developing your brand and copy for your website before you even log into the builder. We want you to have assistance with the whole package if you need it!

✓ A continuously added-to canvas library to further customize your website template for a website that truly speaks to your ideal audience.

✓ Ten mini-brand kits. Refresh your brand or start from scratch with these mini-brand kits, including color palettes, pre-made logos, font pairings, and sample social media posts for IG & Pinterest.

✓ Access to a private, supportive community. Interact with other women entrepreneurs going through the same as you are – in real time. Learn from them and share your experiences while building the biz of your dreams.

✓ Access to the Moxie team for one-on-one feedback and support! As you go through the course, we’ll provide actionable steps, accountability, and support to help you create and launch your website. Work on each part of your website with us in your back pocket so you can clear your doubts and help uncover your ability to DIY this thing 💪

This Program Is for You If…

We designed the Website Workshop for people who have been in business for a while and have a good sense of their services but need a little help taking the next step. If you’re ready to niche down, attract more clients, expand your services, or pivot your business into a new look and feel, this program is perfect for you.

On the other hand, the Website Workshop may not be a great fit if…

  • You’re not interested in developing your brand message. Some people want this type of task off their plates, and that’s fine, too!
  • You’re not motivated to learn the ins and out of Showit and devote hours to the platform and setting up shop.
  • You’re dealing with indecisiveness or don’t feel comfortable buckling down to build and launch a website at this time.

Our motto is, “done is better than perfect.” So if ready to knock this out of the park, the Website Workshop is here for you.

The Website Workshop Is Your Step-by-step Framework for Launching a Website

Trust us. We know it’s scary to take a risk like DIYing your website. It may seem expensive, time-consuming, challenging, and the list goes on. But the Website Workshop breaks the process into five steps and provides a framework to get you from idea to launch in a few days.

Your Website Workshop enrollment grants you instant access to all the resources. Plus, you get to join the Launch with Moxie community, a place to connect with like-minded creatives to learn, share and grow together as you build your dream business.

Find out which website template fits your Brand Personality the best!

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