3 Reasons Why We Love Building A Sales Page In Showit

Most business owners have been struggling to market their business on social media over the past year. If you’ve been working tirelessly and seeing no results, you’ll know it’s not enough anymore. Especially considering all the algorithm changes, trends and new platforms emerging. It seems like it gets harder to reach your crowd online and actually get sales. So you know you need a website and alternative channels to connect with your customers.

Having an online presence outside of social media is a powerful way to be found online. It helps you connect with your audience, attract new customers, and provide valuable resources that boost your credibility. 

But before we dive into why we believe Showit is your best bet for your sales page, let’s have a quick recap on the differences between your website and your sales pages, and the role of each in your marketing and sales:

As we briefly mentioned above, your website is a great way to be found and reach more people. It’s the virtual equivalent of a store, and it has sections for everything in your business. If you sell multiple products, have a blog, or offer free resources, they’re available for customers on your website. So your website is perfect for showcasing your work and educating potential customers about your business.

On the flip side, a sales page is a conversion-focused page that goes in-depth about your individual offer. Your sales page allows your visitors to learn all about it and figure out whether it is the right choice.

You can find a more in-depth explanation of the difference between your website and sales page here.

Phew, now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into all the reasons why we can’t recommend Showit enough for creating your sales page.

3 Benefits Of Building Your Sales Page In Showit

It’s Simpler Than Managing Multiple Platforms

The first obvious benefit of using Showit for your sales page is that you’ll only manage one subscription instead of hosting your website on Showit and a separate platform to host your landing pages. You’ll save $$$ by paying for a single service. Keep in mind that landing page services can run from $10 to several hundred dollars a month.

Besides the cost, connecting your sales page directly to your website makes it easy to manage your domains. You can also use a subdomain if you have a Showit +Site. And having your sales page directly within your website boosts your overall website performance because you’re not dividing your traffic between multiple places. This boosts your website in search results.

And finally, the learning curve is smaller when you’re only working in Showit (instead of having to learn another platform). Perfect for saving time on setting up and publishing new offers. And when you buy any JG template, you get a video tutorial library so that you can work confidently within Showit and launch in a pinch.

It’s Easier To Be Consistent

We’ve always focused on the importance of keeping your branding consistent across your online presence. Achieving a consistent look is really hard when you’re using multiple templates and have the limited branding capabilities of many platforms. 

Connecting your sales page to your Showit website makes it easy to achieve a branded page because you can easily set up your brand color, fonts, and imagery on Showit and apply them to any page you create. Plus, with your JG template, you can have a cohesive look and aesthetic by using the same templates or canvases and not having to start from scratch each time. Saves you time and effort 👌🏽

It’s More Efficient For Handling Transactions

If you sign up for a separate landing page service like clickfunnels, kajabi, etc, you’ll need to use multiple integrations to manage your transactions depending on where they are coming from. By keeping your sales page in Showit, you’ll be able to use a single payment integration (we like Thrivecart) to handle your sales for all your products. You’ll also have a single source of leads to connect to your email marketing, which makes the whole process simpler.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you will still need third party integrations for your Showit site (i.e. for example a CRM, ESP, and a course platform are typical add-ons you may need) but the idea is to keep it simple where we can and utilize our given tools efficiently so we can save time and headache! There’s no need to add yes another integration for something you can easily do within Showit such as landing and sales pages.

Launch In A Pinch With The JG Sales Page Builder

The JG Sales Page Builder is a one-stop shop for building your sales funnel with everything you need to launch and promote your new offers.

Every Sales Page Builder includes:

✓ Three sales page layouts;
✓ Two landing page layouts;
✓ One waitlist page;
✓ One Thank you page;
✓ One Webinar Page; and
✓ 50+ canvases to build from

Plus, every JG template purchase grants you access to a video tutorial library so you can build your sales page in Showit with total confidence and launch as quickly as you need, without the overwhelm.

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