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You are overwhelmed at the thought of building your own website and feel paralyzed with all the choices!

You love a template but need some adjustments to make it perfect for your brand.

You are a business that's just starting out or rebranding and don't have a huge budget to invest so custom design may not be an option. 

You typically DIY everything but need some help getting launched due to lack of time!

includes the cost of the template 
split into 2 payments
1-2 weeks to launch day

investment starts at $1497

Ready to get started?


With the purchase on my template, you can free access to my step-by-step Showit course "Launch With Moxie" that will teach you everything you need to know to maintain your new site after I turn it over to you!



Ready to get your new site up and running and tired of wasting time trying to do it on your own? My process takes just 1-2 weeks depending on how quickly you can provide me the content!


lifetime email support

I'll be here to help you via email as long as you need it! Don't worry, you won't be alone after we get you launched, I'm always happy to help your website grow with your business.



I'll get your newsletter signup form integrated along with your instagram feed and whatever else you are needing! Need ecommerce functionality? We'll chat about my fave - Shopify Lite buy buttons. 


Domain & wordpress blog set-up

I'll get your new site's domain setup and your Wordpress blog launched (or migrated if you have an existing one) and help you get a couple blog posts up and running for your website launch! 



I'll gather your content and images for the website via my content gathering questionnaire and input it all into the template of your choice, making adjustments and giving recommendation as needed.  


We'll have a 30-60 minute chat to go over who exactly you are serving and how best you can reach them through the content you have on your website. We'll also discuss any ideas you have for customizing your site!

brainstorming session


branding of your template

Love a template but need to change out the colors and fonts to match your branding? No worries, I'll handle that along with adding your brand identity such as logos, marks, etc.


customization of your template

Need some things rearranged, added, removed or overhauled? Let's do it! With my help, we can customize a template to fit your services, your audience and your dreams. 


What's Included

Add-on Services

starts at: $2497

+ Brand Strategy Session
+ Completed Brandscript for your Business
+ Website Copy for Your Homepage / Sales Page
+ Ready-to-go Content for your New Website

copywriting services

cost of template is included
split into 3 payments

From a Storybrand Certified Guide

investment: $797

+ Primary, Secondary and Submark Logo Design
+ Mood Board & Color Palette
+ Brand Board & Mini Brand Style Guide

essentials brand package

custom logo design & brand board

investment: $497

+ 90 Minute Brand Strategy Session
+ Completed Brandscript for your Business
+ 7 Days of Assistance to help edit and tweak the copy you create after brainstorming session

content strategy session

With a Storybrand Certified Guide

"Right off the bat, the look matched exactly what I had envisioned. The template was fresh, current, professional and polished. It was also more complete than a lot of the other templates I had looked at. Everything was done instead of just a few pages that I would have then had to build off of. It also offered me "out of the box" branding that was in line with my vision, and the price point for all of that was something that my small business was able to afford."

Kate Voda, Photographer

"I used Jessica’s design as a launching pad for my author website and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Not only was the template beautifully designed, but it also functioned perfectly. All I had to do was tweak it to match my brand style. And best of all, it will continue to grow with me as my business grows."

Erin Scoggins, Author

“As well as talking to my ideal client with beautiful soft colours and fonts, I knew I wanted a template that really focused on customer experience. Jess has really thought out the design of the template and it is easy for my potential brides to funnel through and spend more time on my website."

Tabatha, Photographer

"Before hiring Jessica to help me with my brand and website, I was frustrated and confused on how to capture my brand while implementing all of the necessary elements for a converting and beautiful website. One of Jessicas newest templates looked as if it was made for me. I bought it immediately and fell in love. It captured my vision for my brand. Hiring Jessica was one my best investments for my business growth."

Tracy Wren, Life Coach

"Jess was fantastic to work with! She helped me get my site up and running in only about two weeks, and she was so helpful and responsive during the process! I knew I needed to outsource my site redesign, and Jess's ShowIt templates immediately stood out to me, because they were fun but still classic. Jess helped me organize all my information on my site in creative, yet easy-to-navigate ways I never would have come up with. I had a fantastic experience, and I absolutely LOVE my site!"

Rachel Graff, Photographer

"I was looking for a combination of elements for my website. Design appeal with growth potential, user-friendly so that I could maintain my site easily, fit my budget, would be a good collaborative partner, and a company I could trust to do a great job. Jessica delivered on on all those things that were important to me at the highest levels. She was a joy to work with and very accommodating when my timelines shifted. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone, especially a newbie like myself, to her company."

Susan G. Lauermann, Author

"I was looking for a beautiful, professional, template with an easy-to-understand tutorial on how to edit the template myself. The most important thing for me was a beautiful design and simple tutorial."

Shannon Pruitt, Wedding Planner

"When I purchased the template and course, I thought that's all I would receive. I did not expect the personalized assistance when I ran into some issues. I didn't expect you to go above and beyond by helping me solve technical issues/reaching out to Showit Support for me to help encourage it along. I cannot thank you enough for all you've done for me. You are worth your weight in gold!!"

Shannon Pruitt, Wedding Planner

"I’m not very tech friendly with different systems and I don’t have the time to sit down and learn everything so my biggest challenge was just getting started and knowing what to do. It was frustrating because I’ve been trying to get my website going for months until I decided to hire you."

Jennifer Madigan, Health & Nutrition Coach

"I looked at a few different designers on the Showit site and I decided to go with your template because it was specifically geared towards health coaching so it made my job of writing all the content a little bit easier. I loved your website and templates. Very clean and professional."

Jennifer Madigan, Health & Nutrition Coach

"I loved working with Jessica on my website as she was so welcoming and provided a great experience. Her template made it easy to know what I wanted and then the customization process was a breeze. She made me feel apart of her design family and I will continue to support her through her journey wherever it takes her. I felt like she gave me her whole attention during the whole process and let me tell you this girl is crazy fast in helping you design your website. She had the first draft of my website done in a day! If you are in need of a web designer, Jessica is your girl! Thank you again, Jessica, for a great experience!"

Kandace Griffin, Photographer

"My experience working with Jessica is probably the best professional experience I have had in years. In addition to her design and technical knowledge, she has a highly effective project management system in place to ensure you have created the best possible content and messaging for your audience."

Susan G. Lauermann, Author

"Through my website and with my new branding, I've booked 8 of my first weddings ever. I'm feeling like I can accomplish anything I want to, and I am confident that I can adjust my website as my business grows and matures - which is the best part!”

Samantha Joy, Photographer

"Prior to the launch of my website, I was only receiving a few queries a month for wedding photography. Since the launch of my new website, I am receiving queries every single day. I couldn't believe it! People tell me all the time how beautiful and easy the website it to use!”

Tabatha, Photographer

"The new website has given me a sense of confidence in my business that I didn't have before. I'm proud to hand out my business card, proud to link my website on my instagram, and proud of the customers I've been attracting because the website is so clear for my target market."

lauren bongiorno, diabetic health coach & author

"Jessica was always responsive to any questions that I had along the way, and I was very impressed with how easy it was to create my site once I purchased! I am more than happy with how my website turned out and I'm confident it will be a great addition to my brand and marketing."

Meghan Mosakowski, Lifestyle Coach

In today's world, if you have a message, you need a platform to deliver those messages. A website is a must. I looked at literally hundreds of templates. I didn't find any that I really connected with until I found Jessica Gingrich. Using the Showit platform, I could have everything I wanted. Beautiful design with a a touch of whimsy. Easy to navigate layout. Lots of opportunities to shape the template to fit my personality. A site that is user-friendly for me so that I can update without having to pull my hair out..."

Susan G. Lauermann, Author

"Jess was an amazing web designer and I am so glad I chose her to build my website. She was very professional and responded quickly to all of my questions throughout the process. Her website is beautiful and very easy to navigate from choosing an amazing template, to purchasing, and filling out the questionnaire. Everything is well put together and easy to figure out." 

Jennifer Madigan, Health & Nutrition Coach

"She went above and beyond and took my website to a pro level, the parallax looks beautiful. Jessica brought my vision to life and my blog category looks so amazing! I highly recommend her and I can't stop telling my friends and family! Thanks for everything Jessica!" 

Christie Ku, beauty, fitness & fashion blogger

"Before my website I was totally lost. I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of website design, but I was stuck because I didn't want to pay thousands to have a site custom made for me, and I also couldn't get what I was wanting out of the cheaper Squarespace templates. I was at a loss! And then I stumbled upon your templates - and as soon as I saw them I thought THIS IS IT! And the cherry on top was that I could afford it. You completely filled this gap for me."

Samantha Joy, Photographer

"After the new website, I felt legitimate. I had a feeling a website would make a difference for my business - but I had no idea what a game changer an impressive website would actually be! It definitely helped to build my confidence as a business owner and I was absolutely proud to send clients to it for reference. I even had an extremely established photographer mention that she loved my site and how clean it is. Too legit to quit!"

Samantha Joy, Photographer

"I LOVE my new website, and my sales have increased dramatically due to the stylish and professional layout. Jessica was a dream to work with. Not only is she responsive, but she is professional and fun to communicate with. She went out of her way to go above and beyond for me, and worked quickly to turn around an truly amazing finished product. "

Dawn Eicher, Photographer

"She has such a great eye for design and branding and helped build my site to fit my personality and my business. I would highly recommend Jess to anyone who is looking for a beautiful and professional website and am so grateful that she includes a website course to help manage your site. This is perfect. Thank you!"

Jennifer Madigan, Health & Nutrition Coach

"Jessica's work has increased my client engagement by helping me unlock my full potential online. Her signature style is perfect for any boss babe looking for a fresh brand that truly embodies them! In the end, I got a BEAUTIFUL website and many other goodies. She was very responsive to all the questions I had and still remains an active person in my creative tribe who I will use again and again for as long as she will let me! :)" 

Sara Abdulaziz, Photographer

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