Top 14 Stock Photo Sites for Female Entrepreneurs to Elevate Your Brand

Looking for the perfect photos for that new website you are working on?  Or maybe you want to spruce up your social media game with some eye-catching images?

You are in the right spot, my friend.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 14 stock photo sites that have great content for female entrepreneurs and service providers!

Why Use Stock Photos?

Stock photos are a great way to elevate your brand and give it a professional look.

They can also save you time and money compared to hiring a photographer or taking the photos yourself.

With stock photos, you have access to thousands of high-quality images at your fingertips, ready to be used for any purpose.

8 Ways to Use Stock Photos:

  1. Website Design: Use stock photos for your website’s banners, background images, and other design elements to make it visually appealing.
  2. Social Media Posts: Create eye-catching posts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by using high-quality stock photos.
  3. Blog Content: Add visual interest to your blog posts by including relevant stock photos that complement your written content.
  4. Email Marketing: Make your email campaigns more engaging with the use of relevant stock photos.
  5. Product/Service Promotion: Use stock photos to showcase your products or services in a professional and attractive manner.
  6. E-books & Guides: Add visual interest to your e-books and guides with the use of high-quality stock photos.
  7. Ads & Marketing Materials: Create effective ads and marketing materials by using relevant, eye-catching stock photos.
  8. Branding: Using consistent stock photos can help establish a cohesive brand image across all platforms.

Free vs. Paid Stock Photo Sites

There are numerous stock photo sites available, both free and paid.

While free stock photos may seem like the obvious choice, they often lack in quality and originality.

Paid sites, on the other hand, offer a vast selection of high-quality images from professional photographers at affordable prices.

It is often worth investing in a paid stock photo subscription (maybe pick 1 or 2 of your favorites from below) to have access to a wider range of images and avoid using overused or low-quality photos that can cheapen your brand’s image.

The Best Free Membership Stock Photo Sites

Let’s dive into the top 7 FREE stock photo sites that can help female entrepreneurs create stunning visuals for their brand.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is a go-to for many thanks to its huge collection of high-res images. Best part? It’s totally free, which is awesome for budget-conscious entrepreneurs. You can find photos for anything, from blog posts to social media content.

The site is super easy to use, making it a breeze to search and download images. Plus, it highlights a variety of photographers, so you get a mix of perspectives and styles.

2. Pexels

Pexels has an awesome library of free stock photos and videos. It’s famous for high-quality, professional images, ideal for female entrepreneurs wanting to boost their brand. With tons of categories, finding the right images for your needs is a breeze.

The site’s user-friendly design makes navigation and downloading quick and easy. Plus, Pexels offers a growing collection of videos, adding more options for your visual content.

3. Burst by Shopify

Burst is a stock photo site by Shopify, designed to help entrepreneurs build their brands. It offers both free and premium photos, giving options for every budget. You’ll find high-quality images for various niches, like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

The site is user-friendly, with handy categories and search features. With a focus on entrepreneurship, Burst is a great pick for female business owners needing relevant, impactful visuals.

4. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is a stunning source for unique, free stock photos. It has a huge collection covering everything from nature and food to fashion and tech. You’ll find both creative and realistic images to boost your brand’s visual identity.

The site also has cool features like color search, so you can easily find images that match your brand’s color scheme. Plus, Kaboompics has a blog where you can pick up tips on photography and design.

5. Freepik

Freepik is a popular stock photo site with a large variety of free and premium images, vectors, and illustrations. It’s known for its colorful and creative content, perfect for businesses looking to add some visual flair to their brand.

The site has an easy-to-use search function and categorizes photos by topic, making it simple to find what you need. You can also customize your searches based on file type or color scheme.

6. Pixabay

Pixabay is a popular source for free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos. Its collection includes over 1.8 million images and continues to grow every day.

One of the standout features of Pixabay is its extensive selection of high-quality vector graphics, making it an excellent resource for those in need of logos or designs for their brand. All content on Pixabay is released under Creative Commons CC0, meaning it can be used without attribution for commercial purposes.

7. RawPixel

RawPixel is a great choice for businesses looking for unique and eye-catching images. It offers both free and premium options, with a focus on high-quality and diverse content.

What sets RawPixel apart is its extensive collection of styled stock photos, perfect for creating cohesive visual branding. The site also has a user-friendly design, making it easy to find the perfect image for your needs.

Our Favorite Paid Membership Stock Photo Sites

While free stock photo sites are great for businesses on a budget, paid membership sites offer even more options and flexibility. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. HauteStock

HauteStock offers a premium, feminine collection of styled stock photos for businesses targeting a female audience. With over 10,000 images in its library, you’re sure to find something that fits your brand’s aesthetic. The site also has a variety of pre-made social media templates and branding kits available for purchase.

2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the largest and most popular subscription-based stock photo sites. It has over 300 million images, videos, and music tracks in its library.

The site offers various payment plans to fit different budgets and needs, and their advanced search tools make it easy to find the perfect image for your brand. You can also save photos to collections for future use.

3. Elevae Visuals (Formerly Social Squares)

Elevae Visuals, formerly known as Social Squares, offers a curated collection of stylish stock photos for businesses and entrepreneurs. Their photos feature bright colors and clean designs, making them perfect for modern brands. They also offer customizable templates for social media posts and email marketing.

4. Styled Stock Society

Styled Stock Society offers a diverse range of high-quality, professional photos for female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Their membership includes access to over 3,000 images, as well as templates for social media posts and website graphics. They also offer an exclusive Facebook group where members can connect and get support from other business owners.

5. Stocklane

Stocklane is a unique stock photo site that offers images with a more casual, lifestyle vibe. Their collection includes photos of people in authentic, everyday settings, making them perfect for businesses targeting a younger or more relatable audience. They also offer customizable branding templates and mockups to help elevate your brand visuals.

6. Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix is a popular destination for bloggers and online entrepreneurs looking for high-quality stock photos. With over 5500 images and new ones added every month, you’ll never run out of options for your brand’s visual needs. They also offer social media templates, workbooks

7. PixiStock

PixiStock is a subscription-based stock photo site that offers stunning, feminine images for female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Their collection includes over 2,000 photos and new ones are added every month. They also offer social media templates and graphics to help elevate your brand’s visual presence.

Stock Photo Sites are a great way to source high-quality images to uplevel your online presence.

Now that you’ve found some beautiful imagery you can utilize, I’m sure you are ready to take your business to the next level when it comes to your website too.

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