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Whether you are just starting out or simply ready to up-level your business - a professional, beautiful AND strategic website is always a good idea. My templates and designs will take your brand from being a small fish in a  big sea trying to reach your ideal client - to being the exact one that THEY want to work with. You deserve a website that actually works for you. Trust me, it does exist and it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars either.

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This whole website thing got you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? It's time to change that and start feeling more confident in yourself and your business.

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“As well as talking to my ideal client with beautiful soft colours and fonts, I knew I wanted a template that really focused on customer experience. Jess has really thought out the design of the template and it is easy for my potential brides to funnel through and spend more time on my website."

Tabatha, Lead Images Photography

"Prior to the launch of my website, I was only receiving a few queries a month for wedding photography. Since the launch of my new website, I am receiving queries every single day. I couldn't believe it! People tell me all the time how beautiful and easy the website it to use!”

Tabatha, Lead Images Photography

"The new website has given me a sense of confidence in my business that I didn't have before. I'm proud to hand out my business card, proud to link my website on my instagram, and proud of the customers I've been attracting because the website is so clear for my target market."

lauren bongiorno, diabetic health coach & author

"She went above and beyond and took my website to a pro level, the parallax looks beautiful. Jessica brought my vision to life and my blog category looks so amazing! I highly recommend her and I can't stop telling my friends and family! Thanks for everything Jessica!" 

Christie Ku, beauty, fitness & fashion blogger

"Before my website I was totally lost. I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of website design, but I was stuck because I didn't want to pay thousands to have a site custom made for me, and I also couldn't get what I was wanting out of the cheaper Squarespace templates. I was at a loss! And then I stumbled upon your templates - and as soon as I saw them I thought THIS IS IT! And the cherry on top was that I could afford it. You completely filled this gap for me."

Sam, Samantha Joy Photography

"After the new website, I felt legitimate. I had a feeling a website would make a difference for my business - but I had no idea what a game changer an impressive website would actually be! It definitely helped to build my confidence as a business owner and I was absolutely proud to send clients to it for reference. I even had an extremely established photographer mention that she loved my site and how clean it is. Too legit to quit!"

Sam, Samantha Joy Photography

"Through my website and with my new branding, I've booked 8 of my first weddings ever. I'm feeling like I can accomplish anything I want to, and I am confident that I can adjust my website as my business grows and matures - which is the best part!”

Sam, Samantha Joy Photography

"I LOVE my new website, and my sales have increased dramatically due to the stylish and professional layout. Jessica was a dream to work with. Not only is she responsive, but she is professional and fun to communicate with. She went out of her way to go above and beyond for me, and worked quickly to turn around an truly amazing finished product. "

Dawn Eicher, Dawn Eicher Photography

"Right off the bat, the look matched exactly what I had envisioned. The template was fresh, current, professional and polished. It was also more complete than a lot of the other templates I had looked at. Everything was done instead of just a few pages that I would have then had to build off of. It also offered me "out of the box" branding that was in line with my vision, and the price point for all of that was something that my small business was able to afford."

Kate, Kate Voda Photography

"Hi Jess, I just wanted to let you know that since I launched my website with your Westlake template, my wedding inquiries have gone from one every couple of weeks to one every single day! I cannot believe it! I get compliments all the time about how easy and beautiful the website is to use. Thank you so much!"

Tabatha, Lead Images Photography

"Jessica's work has increased my client engagement by helping me unlock my full potential online. Her signature style is perfect for any boss babe looking for a fresh brand that truly embodies them! In the end, I got a BEAUTIFUL website and many other goodies. She was very responsive to all the questions I had and still remains an active person in my creative tribe who I will use again and again for as long as she will let me! :)" 

Sara, Sara Abdulaziz Photography

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I know that you think that professional website is out of your reach either budget or time-wise. But I'm here to help you get that website of your dreams for a fraction of the cost of custom design and not only will it save you money, but my templates are designed specifically to help you MAKE money.

I am passionate about marketing and have integrated proven marketing strategies into my templates in order to give your business the best chance of success in a most likely saturated market. Does that sound like something you need? Of course it is. So feel free to reach out to me or browse the shop and let's make it happen. 

I'm Jessica, designer for female entrepreneurs looking for a beautiful, strategic website for their new or growing business.

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