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This Showit template is beautifully simple, easy to customize to fit your brand colors and imagery and ready to turn your visitors into leads. Looking to uplevel your brand for 2024? Let's get started today.

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With its beautifully simple layout, this showit template guarantees a memorable online presence that fosters trust and connection with your audience.

Madison Hanna

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With its dynamic design this showit template creates an engaging online experience that will leave a lasting impression on your brand.

Audrey James

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A vibrant and energetic Showit website template, bursting with color and emotion to captivate your audience. 

Holly Grace

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feminine, friendly, and vibrant Showit website template, radiating warmth and charm with its colorful palette and inviting design. 

Rebecca Gabrielle

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With its soothing colors, smooth design, and easy-to-use layout, this showit website template creates a serene and confident online presence for your brand.

Olivia Hudson

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Explore our welcoming and confident Showit website template, crafted to embody your brand's friendly vibe.

Adalyn Wilde

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Explore this bold, modern, and emotive Showit website template, ideal for coaches and educators of all industries.

Caitlin Renee

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With its sleek design and captivating color play, this showit website template empowers your brand to make a striking statement online.

Skyler Paige

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This Showit website template is crafted to radiate calmness and assurance. The perfect website design for health and wellness coaches.

Katherine West


Showit Templates for Coaches, Consultants & Educators





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With its clean lines and sophisticated layout, this Showit website template beautifully showcases your design portfolio .

Studio Rosewood

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Discover our sleek and minimal Showit website template, tailored specifically for interior designers and real estate professionals.

Studio West

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With intricate details and a polished aesthetic, this Showit website template invites visitors to engage effortlessly.

Florence Olivia

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Inviting and modern Showit website template that is soft in design. giving your work a beautiful online home.


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Soft and emotive Showit website template, crafted for photographers seeking a contemporary yet heartfelt online showcase. 

Elisa May

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Step into the timeless elegance of our classic, romantic, and minimal Showit website template, tailor-made for photographers

Arden Rose

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With its colorful palette and inviting design, this template helps your unique brand truly stand out.

Oaklyn June

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Explore our welcoming and chic Showit website template, designed to be approachable yet stylish. 

Eliana Nicole

Showit Templates for Photographers, Planners & Designers

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02. completely-customizable showit website templates

Full creative freedom meets stunning website design

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01. The best online website platform you could ask for

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Without a doubt this was the best money I have spent on my business! I have already had so many compliments on my new site and have had more inquires in the first week of my launch than I had in the last month!

- Kate V.

"It is eye-catching, modern, and has the perfect accents to really set your website apart. The process of purchasing and beginning your design is well laid out and the overall experience was SO worth it!"

- Amanda S.

It was super easy for me to customize to fit me and my business. I was so excited to get it up and running! I was able to get things up in less than a week! I now feel 100% confident in my website and I know it will lead to more conversions!

- Aly H.

"I'm in love with my new website!! I loved the simplicity of the template and that I was able to just swap out the colors, copy and images to make it my own. It looks professional, fun, and has all the information I needed."

- Dana D.

Yes I can! I offer design intensives which will take everything off your shoulders and allow me, the Showit Design Partner, to just get your website built and launched for you. You can learn more about my services this way!

frequently asked questions

Showit is an amazing drag and drop website building platform that uses Wordpress for blogging. So you'll have the ease of designing and inputting content for your website PLUS the SEO powerhouse of Wordpress behind your site. You are going to love it! Showit is subscription based and includes everything you'll need except your domain host which is usually through Godaddy, Google or similar. Your subscription is not included with your purchase from me, you'll handle that on your own through 

what is showit?

do i have to use showit?

Is it hard to change the colors, fonts and images?

can you just set up my site for me?

is support included if i run into problems?

To use one of my designs? Yes, but trust me, you are going to love it. Showit is a subscription based platform, similar to Squarespace, and you can check out the pricing structure this way. 

Nope. Just a few clicks for the colors. Add your own custom fonts or choose from the Google Font Library that's included with Showit. Drag and drop your images and text and hit publish. If you find you are struggling with things, you can either access Showit's help center tutorials or join in on my Website Workshop to get access to my step-by-step tutorials.

Our templates come with 30 days of support from my team and you also have Showit's support team which is amazing and provides you with access to live chat, a help center, and a Facebook community. And for any other questions related directly to my templates and their setup, feel free to email me anytime! Need help beyond a few questions? Hire me for more in-depth, hands-on assistance through one of my services

I'm not tech-savvy...

Showit is great as it doesn't require you to do any coding. You can even do a free trial of it here and they also have tons of tutorials and help docs. If you feel like you need more help I highly recommend either utilizing my Website Workshop along with your template, or hiring me to set it all up for you!  

Will the site look good on mobile too?

Yes! Absolutely. With Showit you have complete control of the mobile side of your website. Which means you can change up text styles and colors and layout as needed to make it more user-friendly. I've already done that with the template so you'll be ready to rock and your mobile viewers (which is like the majority of your viewers these days) will LOVE your website as well. 

can you explain the tech setup a little more?

Sure thing! Showit is your website host, so your monthly subscription covers that, along with their amazing support and the use of their easy drag-and-drop builder. The only thing you'll need outside of your Showit Subscription is your domain host, such as google domains or godaddy. Any other 3rd party integrations will also be done outside of Showit but can usually be integrated such as Scheduling apps, Client Management, Email Marketing, etc.

This route is perfect for coaches and creatives who...

  • Are too busy to spend the time learning yet another website design platform.

  • Are tired of search shop after shop and wasting time with indecision. 

  • Don't have the budget or need for a custom website but don't want to do it themselves.

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