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> Overwhelmed at the thought of learning another website platform and not sure you have the motivation.

> Like you want a website that is designed FOR you without the price tag of a fully custom design.

> The need to just get it done efficiently, without any headache so you can move on to what you love!

you are probably best hiring it out if you are feeling..

> Motivated to learn about the Showit website builder (or already familiar with it!)

> Focused enough to block off a few days or a week to get your website content added so you can launch!

> Confident in your ability to get it done (with the help of my Showit course) without wasting your valuable time.

you are ready to "do it yourself" if you are feeling...

Should You DIY or Hire it out?

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Need a knockout sales page for your upcoming launch? I've got just the thing - our sales page builders will help you customize and create the perfect sales page!

Sales Funnels For Your Course, Product or Membership

Showcasing your beautiful work is essential, but so is creating a user-experience that is sure to lead to more bookings and growth for your business.

for photographers & event planners, Interior Designers

Whether you are just starting out or growing your business, you need a website that's designed to not only look great, but it geared to market for you.

for coaches, consultants & virtual assistants

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Your property deserves to stand out and I've got what you need. Create a website that allows you to integrate direct booking capabilities and take your STR to the next level.

for Short Term Rental & Vacation Home Hosts

Showit Templates for Coaches, Virtual Assistants & Consultants

versatile designs perfect for showcasing your offer

Adalyn Wilde

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brand new!

Looking for a fun, impactful design that showcases your amazing personality alongside your show-stopping offer and services? This one's for you! 

Designed for Coaches, Consultants and Creatives

Serena Adams

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Heather Thomas

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Hanna Blake

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Emily Fallon

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Showit Templates for Photographers, Planners & Designers

easily customizable for any niche

Showit Templates For Short Term Rentals & Vacation Homes

make your property stand out

The Sales Funnel Builders

easily create the best sales page for your offer

This route is perfect for women who are...

> Too busy to spend the time learning the platform.

> Tired of wasting time with indecision.

> Don't have the budget or need for a custom website but don't want to do it themselves.

skip DIY & Hire This Designer

Prefer to get it off your plate?

Yes I can! I offer template install and customization packages which will take everything off your shoulders and allow me, the Showit Design Partner, to just get your website built and launched for you. You can learn more about my services here!

frequently asked questions

Showit is an amazing drag and drop website building platform that uses wordpress for blogging. So you'll have the ease of designing and inputting content for your website PLUS the SEO powerhouse of Wordpress behind your site. You are going to love it! Showit is subscription based and includes everything you'll need except your domain host which is usually through godaddy, google or similar. Your subscription is not included with your purchase from me, you'll handle that on your own through Showit.co. 

what is showit?

do i have to use showit?

Is it hard to change the colors, fonts and images?

can you just set up my site for me?

is support included if i run into problems?

To use one of my designs? Yes, but trust me, you are going to love it. Showit is a subscription based platform, similar to Squarespace, and you can check out the pricing structure this way. 

Nope. Just a few clicks for the colors. Add your own custom fonts or choose from the Google Font Library that's included with Showit. Drag and drop your images and text and hit publish. Seriously, I make it sound so easy I know, and it will be when you follow my course!

Showit's support team is amazing. You'll get access to live chat, a help center, and a Facebook community. And for any other questions related directly to my templates and their setup, feel free to email me anytime! I offer lifetime email support and for things that go beyond a few minutes of assistance, I can also help at my hourly design rate. 

I'm not tech-savvy...

You got this. My course will help you every step of the way and is broken down into bite-sized videos so you can easily look up the exact help you need. If you are struggling with something you can always reach out to me via email and I'll help you as well!

Will the site look good on mobile too?

Yes! Absolutely. With Showit you have complete control of the mobile side of your website. Which means you can change up text styles and colors and layout as needed to make it more user-friendly. I've already done that with the template so you'll be ready to rock and your mobile viewers (which is like the majority of your viewers these days) will LOVE your website as well. 

can you explain the tech setup a little more?

Sure thing! Showit is your website host, so your monthly subscription covers that, along with their amazing support and the use of their easy drag-and-drop builder. The only thing you'll need outside of Showit is your domain host, such as google domains or godaddy. Any other 3rd party integrations will also be done outside of Showit but can usually be integrated such as Scheduling apps, Client Management, Email Marketing, etc.

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