Website Workshop & Showit Course

Learn How To Confidently Customize And Launch Your DIY Showit Website Within A Week!

Launch With Moxie

Through our Website Workshop, get access to our 5 day action plan and step-by-step video trainings designed to help you setup your new Showit template within DAYS and without the headache you'd expect from DIYing your website.

let me know if I'm hitting the nail on the head here...

You are surviving (but not thriving) without a website for your business - relying on social media, your facebook page, and word of mouth.

You are tired of having an embarrassing or off-brand website that doesn't feel like you and is a challenge to update or customize in any way... You are so over it!

You have bought multiple templates or themes hoping to find "the one" that works for you, and are tapped out wasting your money and time.
You just want a website that you are proud to send people to and you don't want to have to hire out the build of it, you know you are capable of doing it yourself if you just had the right pieces.

what to expect from this course

Stop wasting time with platforms that are a pain to customize and stop wasting money buying templates or themes that don't actually turn visitors into clients.

  • Get Familiar With Your Blog Design
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Linking Your Blog Categories
  • Set up Featured Posts on Homepage

Jessica and her templates not only provide peace of mind but they also help you launch quickly. Her detailed course allows you to make quick decisions about the little tweaks needed to make a template fit your brand. Resulting in a gorgeous, conversion-oriented website that will give you a huge ROI.

kristen f.

"The website looks exactly how I envisioned it. Plus I had it up within 24 hours of purchasing it. Completely impossible without Jessica's templates."

She answered all questions and assisted me with and everything that I needed to customize and launch my website. The video/course was extremely helpful and descriptive! I got exactly what I was searching for, and I couldn't have had a better experience! I only wish I'd made the move from Prophoto to ShowIt and found Jessica sooner!!!! Thank you for a great experience!

farrahn t.

"Jessica provided me with not only the perfect template but also an amazing level of customer service."

"The template I invested in is so perfect for my brand. All I had to do was add my photos and copy. The course was also so helpful in showing me step by step what needed to be done. I have had some many compliments on my new website, and I have signed on three new clients since launching!"

tara t.

"I cannot thank Jess enough! I am beyond thrilled with how my website turned out."

"Without a doubt this was the best money I have spent on my business! I have already had so many compliments on my new site and have had more inquires in the first week of my launch than I had in the last month! The best part? Jessica's amazing support. She has been there to hold my hand and support me during this process and I could not be more grateful to her for everything she has done for me!"

kate v.

"The template provided me with a cohesive and professional website right out of the box and the Launch with Moxie course helped me to really dive into all of the features that Showit has and walked me step by step through the entire setup of my site."

Customer love notes

  • Adding Your Logo & Favicon
  • Adding Your Content (Words & Images
  • Customizing Your Navigation
  • Duplicating & Adding Pages/Canvases
  • Hiding Elements, Canvases & Pages

section four

Adding Your Website Content

  • Buying A Domain & Email For Your Brand
  • Request Domain Setup / Transfer
  • Editing Your DNS Settings
  • Set Your "Coming Soon" Page

section three

Launch Your Coming Soon Page

  • Editing Your Color Palette
  • Editing & Adding Fonts
  • Navigating Canvases & Views
  • Editing Text, Shapes & Links
  • Editing Photos & Galleries

section two

Customizing Your Site

  • Create A Showit Account & Add Your Design
  • Getting Familiar with Showit's Interface
  • Mobile vs. Desktop View

section one

Let's Get Started

  • Get Familiar With Your Blog Design
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Linking Your Blog Categories
  • Set up Featured Posts on Homepage

section six

Blogging on Showit + Wordpress

  • Setup Social Media Icon Links & Instagram Feed
  • Adding Your Email Signup Form
  • Editing or Integrating A Contact Form
  • Selling Products or Courses on Your Showit Site

section five

Marketing & Integrations

  • Audit Your Website using our Pre-Launch Checklist
  • ConnectYour Domain to Your Showit Website
  • Pop that bottle, it's time to celebrate!

section eight

Launching Your New Site

  • SEO Settings in Showit - Page Titles, MetaDescriptions And Text Tags
  • Basic SEO within Wordpress

section seven

Search Engine Optimization

Individual Trainings Included in the Course

Purchase a template plus the website workshop and launch that shiny new, lead-generating website by week's end.

don't suffer from website shame anymore

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