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If you’ve ever felt like…

Your clients’ work comes first. After all, it’s the one keeping the lights on.

Maybe you’ve been doing the side hustle thing for a while now and are ready to step it up a notch and get a “legit” online presence. 

Or perhaps you feel like not having a website is hindering your ability to scale your business and reach those milestones you’ve been after.

Either way, it can be scary to jump headfirst into something that feels so monumental.

Bootstrapping a business is hard work, trust me, I know.

It’s hard to make your marketing and website look exactly how you envision it on your own. 

It’s just plain difficult to run a business alone. And sometimes even the smaller decisions feel overwhelming.

You’re not alone. So why go about it alone?

The Launch with Moxie Website Workshop is an on-demand program that guides you through the process of creating and launching a fully functional business website in 5 days to power up your marketing.

Introducing the Launch with Moxie Website Workshop

what students are saying...

"Doing this workshop has helped me elevate my website. It has made me feel confident enough to send clients to my website. I feel very professional and now have a clear direction on who I serve and it shows on this website. Thank you for everything that you did, I enjoyed the workshop."

- Tamyka

If you’re struggling with any part of the process, chances are someone else is, too, so you’ll find helpful answers from past members and our expert team to help you navigate these challenges and hit that Launch button.

So you get top-notch expertise and support all throughout the process without the price tag of a custom website.

And who knows? You might meet your biz bestie while you’re at it.

Most importantly, it is also an online community where our team and your peers will be there to support you and commiserate with you and, ultimately, get it done together. 

Frustrated that your business is not where you want it to be right now, but…

Aware that it’ll take some elbow grease to get it there, which means you are…

Wondering how the heck you can pull this off with limited time and, let’s face it, limited patience.

If you’re like other entrepreneurs, I bet you’re…

Confident that you can totally DIY a business website and get exactly what you envision.

Now, just imagine feeling…

Empowered to prioritize your business for once and create the opportunity to grow the way you want.

Like your online presence finally represents who you are as a business owner.

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There will be hand holding, virtual high fives and maybe a tear or two as you finally see your vision come to life. It will be greatness. We want you there with us so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

day five (friday)

Launch Day! Celebrate Your Fresh, New Website With Us

You'll follow our pre-launch checklist for auditing your website and making sure everything is all set for launch day. We'll be there to give your website a once over as well and make any tweaks and revisions we recommend as your expert guides.

day four (thursday)

Auditing your website design & Prepping for launch

You don’t need a wall of text to convince anyone to do business with you. We’ll show you how to convey your message in a way that flows with your design for a clear, beautiful website that sells. You'll follow our step-by-step course and jump on live work sessions with us over these days!

day two & three (tuesday & Wednesday)

Adding Your Content (Website Words & Images) into Your Design

You'll edit your template to coordinate with your brand design - changing up colors and fonts as needed. We'll provide tips and tricks for doing it efficiently so you don't waste time and can get to adding in your content!

day one (monday)

Editing Your Template To Match Your Brand Aesthetic

Get crystal clear about what your audience needs to hear from you to feel confident in their decision to book you. Hint – it’s not about you! Our in-depth 50+ page Website Content Planner is packed with guidance and examples to help you write your website copy (wording) prior to jumping into your design!


Honing In On Your Message With A Proven Marketing Framework

As part of your bonus content, you'll get access to our ever-growing library of Canva logos and color palettes that you can customize and tweak or just roll with for your own brand design. We'll be there to make sure it all works well together, looks professional and is attractive to your target market.

branding pre-work (BONUS CONTENT) 

Developing Or Finetuning Your Brand Identity

What to Expect For 

Workshop Week

I believe every woman deserves the chance to create a life and business they love and i'm here to do my part to make that happen.

I’m Jessica Gingrich, Web Designer & Marketing Strategist with 4+ years of experience ready to help you launch your website without the overwhelm.

what students are saying...

"Jessica's workshop is perfect for somebody who wants to create a new website within days! Somebody who wants to know how to use and tweak their website as needed. Jessica will go step by step from top to bottom on how to have a beautiful and personable website - she will start from the branding section and later go to the Showit design section. She will also be there with you every step on the way if you have questions or want to ask for suggestions! Jessica will also give you her professional feedback with is worth a million bucks! I cannot believe that I have my own beautiful website that represents me and that has my voice!"

- Caroline

We’ll be there as you go through the course and provide you with actionable steps, accountability, and support to help you create and launch your website. Work on each part of your website with us in your back pocket so you can clear your doubts and help uncover your ability to DIY this thing.

Action Items, Guidance & Coaching throughout the workshop week

live access to our team

Interact with other women entrepreneurs who are going through the same as you are – in real time. Learn from them and share your own experiences while building the biz of your dreams.

Access to a private community & our Team

community designed for you

Get access to the Launch with Moxie course to understand the ins and outs of the Showit platform. Our course has helped thousands of women launch their website and we'll be there to help you through it! 

Our Signature Launch with Moxie Showit Course

step-by-step video tutorials

Further customize your template with canvases you can mix and match for a truly unique website. AND get access to the ever-growing library of new designs you can utilize through the Launch With Moxie Community. Head here to check out the additional canvas and more will be added quarterly or on request!

Additional Showit Canvas Library


We've created a killer tool for discovering your brand message and writing your website copy (wording) strategically so you can take your creation and implement it into your new website, and have confidence knowing it will resonate with your ideal client.

in-depth brand framework & website content planner

website content planner

Refresh your brand or start from scratch with these mini-brand kits that include color palettes, pre-made logos, and font pairings you can utilize on your website! We'll also walk through the foundational steps of building a brand identity that serves you!

10+ Mini-Brand Kits To Utilize For Yourself

brand & logo assets

this 5-day workshop includes:

How is this different from just buying a template?

That’s not all though…

As a special sign-up offer, your workshop membership includes all of the above, plus a bonus: everything you need to create your own sales funnel.

Lead magnet template for Canva. Grow your email list with an irresistible freebie! Our template will help you create a guide, checklist or other opt-in that fits your offer. 

Sample welcome sequence. Nurture those leads with proven email marketing tips to DIY your own welcome sequence.

Bonus: Website Content Planner based on Storybrand Principles

Bonus: Pre-Launch Checklist

Bonus: References for Consultants - Copywriters, Brand Designers, Other Industry Experts

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You’re not sure about who you serve or what you want to do quite yet.

You’re planning a full transition to an entirely new business model.

You struggle with perfectionism or indecisiveness. Our motto is “done is better than perfect,” so if you’re not ready to let go of that and take imperfect action, this one-week workshop may not be a good fit.

This is not for you if... 

You’ve been in business for a while now and have established your services, but need a little help taking things to the next level.

You’re looking to launch a website to attract more clients and/or expand your services.

Your business is pivoting or growing and you want to refresh your look and offers.

You’re ready to niche down. 

This is for you if you are... 

The goal of this workshop is to have your website fully set up and running by the end of Day 5.

However, we realize that life happens and you may need some flexibility.

So we made the workshop for you to work through it at your own pace - with up to 30 days of support from our team, a 1:1 design assistance call with Jessica and pre-launch audit when you're ready to go live.


Have Questions? Good, I've got answers!

It's surprising how many people buy a website design and then get paralyzed with what to do next. No matter if you have access to all the tools you think you need - it's hard to get past the struggle of tackling such a big project, all on your own. 

By participating in the workshop with our team and like-minded peers, you'll feel greater accountability, more motivation and more support for the roadblocks, challenges and questions you may have. We are here for you - now, during the workshop, and after as part of the moxie community. That is what you are choosing to invest in. 

why do the workshop, instead of just getting the template and course access?

We hear you! We designed the workshop to be completed in 5 days. But we realize that many things can change between you signing up and hitting that launch button.

So the website workshop is now self-paced and the resources are available on demand, which means that you get expert support and accountability while creating your website on your own terms during a week that works best for you.

We want to see you accomplish your goal so we will be there to motivate and cheer you along!

what happens if i'm not able to complete the workshop due to life happening, etc.?

You can join the workshop using another designer's template! Some of the tutorials may or may not be applicable depending on your template's design but all of the information will be helpful for learning the ins-and-outs of Showit.

If you are on the fence on whether to purchase a new design from our shop, just know that you get 50% off the workshop when you buy one of our templates. We'd love to help you get a website you love, not one that you are settling on. Feel free to reach out to use if you need assistance.

can i do the workshop if i'm using another designers template?

Yes! We love to work with our customers to get a website up and running quickly so they can stress less and start reaping the benefits ASAP.

Not everyone has the time or availability to DIY or dedicate to a workshop, so we are happy to offer done-for-you services such as our template customization. We'll take your template, your branding and your website copy and get you launched in one week. 

Sound like what you need? Head this way to learn more.

what if i just want you to do it all for me? Can i hire you?

You'll get access to a bonus canvas library that has all kinds of supplementary designs you can mix and match to create your unique site design! This will give you a jumpstart on customizing it exactly how you are envisioning.

Bonus Canvases For Customizing Your Site

You'll have full access to our team for 30 days to complete workshop on your schedule. We'll be there to motivate you and guide you through the process, using our signature Launch With Moxie Showit Website Course.

"Done with You" Workshop With Our Team

We know that it's not always in your budget to hit everything on your list when you are starting out or upleveling, so we wanted to give you access to some easy to customize, ready to go brand designs to get you up and running!

Beautiful Brand Kits To Jumpstart Your Identity

Not sure where to start with your actual website content? We've got a website content planner that will help you along the way. Looking for more hands-on assistance? We'll provide you with references for experts who can help you get it done.

Website Content Planner

Join us in our Launch With Moxie community where you'll be able to ask us anything, technical or biz-related, as well as work along side your peers and gain feedback and ideas that will help up-level your brand!

Private Community & Social Network

As a part of the Moxie Community, you'll get a special members-only discount on new templates and page designs as well as instant access to resources we create that will help your biz.

Access to Future Promotions, Resources & More

The Rundown

get the website workshop


The Investment

join the workshop for only $249 with the purchase of one of our templates

  • 5 Day On-Demand Workshop with access to our team to guide you in customizing and launching your new website.
  • Access to the Launch With Moxie community and support from our team and fellow participants as well as bonus content that we create over the following months. 
  • Access to our newly updated Signature Showit Course that walks you through every step.
  • 30-60 Minute 1:1 Call with Jessica at a time that works for you to review any questions, problems or places you need help!

  • Bonus: Final Website Audit done by Our Team (valued at $497+)
  • Bonus: Free Access to the Mini Brand Kits (valued at $97)
  • Bonus: Website Content Planner based on Storybrand Principles (valued at $197)
  • Bonus: Free Access To Our Showit Canvas Library (valued at $297)
  • Bonus: Lead Magnet Canva Template & Sample Welcome Sequence (valued at $97)


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have a template of ours already?

Join now for

The Investment

The next workshop starts october 10th! Grab a new design or join us with your past template purchase, we'd love to help you!

  • 5 Day Live Workshop with Our Team to guide you in customizing and launching your new website (Website Template of your choice is purchased separately from our shop). 
  • Access to the Launch With Moxie community and support from our team and fellow participants as well as bonus content that we create over the following months. 
  • Access to our newly updated Signature Showit Course that walks you through every step.
  • Live Work Sessions with Our Team throughout the week.
  • Final Website Audit done by Our Team (valued at $497+)

  • Bonus: Free Access to the Mini Brand Kits (valued at $97)
  • Bonus: Website Content Planner based on Storybrand Principles (valued at $197)
  • Bonus: Free Access To Our ever-growing Showit Canvas Library (valued at $297)
  • Bonus: Lead Magnet Canva Template & Sample Welcome Sequence (valued at $97)
  • Bonus: Post-workshop - Biweekly live work sessions in the community where you can build relationships and get easy access to our team and other members to brainstorm, pitch ideas or ask us anything!


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