Having a hard time believing that building a beautiful and high-converting website could actually be THAT simple?

I know you are stuck and frustrated with a website you don’t love because you feel you either don’t have the money to invest in hiring someone, don’t have the tech-knowledge to build a better one on your own, or maybe don’t even know what you are missing when it comes to having a website that "works for you"...

Trust me, I get it, you are...

Overwhelmed with the options when it comes to builders for a DIY website. 

Ready to pull your hair out dealing with the tech-challenges you seem to face every time you set out on this project. 

Defeated thinking that the only way you can get a website that works is by spending thousands and thousands of dollars.

But hey, I also know you are ready to trust that there is a better way and that you can build a website that serves you AND looks beautiful at the same time with my help and my templates.

I provide easy-to-use website templates so you can successfully DIY a website you (and your audience) will love.

I provide website design services so you can simply hire me to get it done for you without breaking the bank or taking months.

Showit Design partner, Jesus Follower, Girl Mama & Lover of Queso.

Let's get personal

I'm Jess Gingrich.

I’m passionate about helping women build a business that they are proud of and that not only serves their family financially but also serves their clients and customers in a way that only they can. 

You have something incredible to offer and I want to help you get that in front of as many people as you can!

When it comes to things I enjoy or do for fun, would it be weird to say I like to work? I really do enjoy working on my business, serving women like you, and some days I don’t get enough time to spend on it so I’m just going to throw that out there too! 

Besides that I enjoy spending time with my girls outside, practicing my hand-lettering, going on day dates with my husband to top golf, bowling, breweries and wineries. I also love spending time with God whether it’s time in my Bible, listening to worship music on my walks, or journaling out my prayers and thoughts. 

I love learning new things and I get on these random kicks - right now I’m very interested in all things about survival and wilderness for whatever reason. We’ve been binge-watching “Alone” and it really makes me want to get out more and learn how to co-exist with nature more. Even if that means camping out in our backyard for starters!

Now I feel like you may want to get to know me a bit more, so if that’s the case keep reading… 

I’m your go-to if you need someone that’s a motivator, dream-chaser, easy communicator, reliable designer and one who is focused on YOU

I’m an enneagram 8 so you know I’m here to challenge you to get this website thing done and off your plate so you can get back to focusing on what you love, which is serving your own clients.

I design websites because it’s a creative outlet that started for me years ago and led to greater income, more flexibility and more time with my girls and husband. 

I choose to design for other women entrepreneurs because I can relate to them and their struggles. I know that while we strive for much, we also stress about A LOT and can often lose sight of our true priorities. 

Why I'm here...

I want to create a community of like-minded women who are seeking to re-establish a balance and shift their priorities to the things that truly matter in this world. For me, that is my faith in Jesus Christ and loving others well. This business is how I can share my love for my sisters who are also working hard to love others and their families.

Eliana is our in-house marketing and copywriting guru! She also helps manage the back-end of our business and keep Jessica on track with our daily operations and content creation. 

Eliana is an expert in the Storybrand marketing framework and is available for consultations and copywriting assistance as an add-on to our website design services!

Eliana joins our team remotely from Venezuela and helps everything run smoothly and is an integral part of  Jessica Gingrich LLC and the Launch With Moxie Community. 

Meet Eliana

Team behind the scenes

Marketing & operations

Enough about Us, let me guess that you are...

Trying to take your business to the next level by increasing your pricing so you can work less and focus on family and friends and other things you are more passionate about!

Wanting to feel more legit, book more clients and reach your income goal so you can quit your 9-5 job and start really pursuing what sets your soul on fire. 

Dream of serving others through your talents, your experience and offerings - whether it's serving 1 person or 1000, you are doing amazing things.

Just starting out and hoping to build a side hustle so you can help support you family while staying home with your babes.

Simply take one of our pre-made templates, follow our step-by-step video tutorials and adjust the colors and fonts as needed to fit your brand aesthetic, swap out images and follow our copy prompts and strategic design to write your own high-converting website copy. Launch that beautiful website and see how it works for you. 

I'm here to help you take your brand to the next level, because that's honestly what you need most right now. You've got the knowledge and skillset for helping your audience, but you are ready for someone to spend the same love and effort on your own brand. Let's do this! 

I can’t wait to help you build a website that you love. 

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