Showit Website Designer, Jesus Follower, Girl Mama & Lover of Queso.

Hey there!

So excited you are here! I'm Jess Gingrich.

A little backstory about me! I'm actually a registered Interior Designer by education and career and worked in the commercial design industry - first healthcare/hospital design, then education/schools, then finally landed in high-end restaurant and office design. I went full time on my own as a Website Designer in 2019 after a couple years of doing the side hustle thing!

I love bringing over my training for spatial design and combining it with my passion for helping other women like myself, chase their dream and build something that not only serves them and their family, but is also making an impact in the lives of others!

I believe my calling is to serve women like you through affordable and high-quality website designs that are going to work for you and grow your business so you can have the impact you are looking for on the world!

My Faith in Jesus Christ

things i value

Prioritizing my family is always top of mind, even for a this recovering workaholic. While I am overly-passionate about what I do somedays, I always remind myself of who I am doing it for - them and you. 

My Family & Our Time Together

I have worked hard all my life, same as you I bet, and my mission is to put that effort into something that is bigger than myself and my goals. I want to help thousands of women achieve their dream of business success and feel the freedom and flexibility that can come with it so that they too can find their calling and have an impact as well - making the world a better place.

Working Hard & Having An Impact

Eliana is our in-house marketing and copywriting guru! She also helps manage the back-end of our business and keep Jessica on track with our daily operations and content creation. 

Eliana is an expert in the Storybrand marketing framework and is available for consultations and copywriting assistance as an add-on to our website design services!

Eliana joins our team remotely from Venezuela and helps everything run smoothly and is an integral part of  Jessica Gingrich LLC and the Launch With Moxie Community. 

Meet Eliana

Part of the team

Marketing & operations

Enough about Us, let me guess that you are...

Trying to take your business to the next level by increasing your pricing so you can work less and focus on family and friends and other things you are more passionate about!

Wanting to feel more legit, book more clients and reach your income goal so you can quit your 9-5 job and start really pursuing what sets your soul on fire. 

Dream of serving others through your talents, your experience and offerings - whether it's serving 1 person or 1000, you are doing amazing things.

Just starting out and hoping to build a side hustle so you can help support you family while staying home with their babes.

I provide a layout that is focused on user-journey for your clients and ease of plugging in your own content. My course will help you build that website because I teach you everything you’ll need to know, all broken apart into quick videos so you can easily reference specifics as needed, and get launched quickly without feeling stuck or like you don’t know what to do next.

I'm here to help you take your brand to the next level, because that's honestly what you need most right now. You've got the knowledge and skillset for helping your audience, but you are ready for someone to spend the same love and effort on your own brand. Let's do this! 

My Showit website templates will help you get the site that you’ve been dreaming of and that your business needs.

Take my Brand Personality Quiz to discover which website template fits your unique style the best!

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