Write high-converting copy for your website in 3 easy steps

A common mistake I see creatives make with their website is think, “if I build it, they’ll come.” They just throw together some words about their product and themselves and hit launch. And then hear crickets. But in fact, high-converting copy is all about strategy.

Your website’s copy is one of the most important elements of your business. It should reflect strategic messaging and clear direction to your readers. Why should they pay attention to you? How do you help them succeed? What makes you different from your competitors?

How to write your own high-converting copy to make your website sell more

Taking the time to write high-converting copy brings a night-and-day difference to the way you do business. Everything from your social posts to your website and marketing collateral will work cohesively to get your readers’ attention – and turn visits into sales.

Your copy should also drive your website design. In fact, all of my Showit website templates are strategically designed to place your high-value content in the best possible place to give your readers all the information they need to buy.

Get clear on what you want to say (aka your messaging)

The core goal of your messaging is telling your reader these three things:

  • What you do
  • Why it matters to them
  • How they get access to it

With these things in mind, get all of your ideas out on paper. No filtering, deleting, or editing. Just take it all out to see. You’ll get a super-clear view of patterns, terms, notions, and more to later shape your vision.

Using prompts helps you clean up your ideas and fit them together like puzzle pieces so the overall messaging makes sense. For this, I love my friend Jess’s Promptlates. She’s made an art out of high-converting copy and her Promptlates are the perfect balance of guidance and free-roaming so you can DIY your own marketing without the overwhelm.

Think of your website, your social media, email marketing, and all other collateral as pieces of a big picture that need to work in tandem to bring your customer into a journey. And having a clear strategy from the get-go will help you do just that.

Use the feedback and testimonials from your clients or customers

Most business owners struggle to get the words flowing when they first start to talk about their business. And even more find themselves using fancy terms (aka insider language) that have their readers zooming out.

If this happens to you, an easy way to overcome these challenges is to listen to your past clients and customers. They’re your best resource for clarity!

Carefully comb through your client communications and use them to learn about the problem they’re facing when they come to you. You’ll be surprised at how different it may be from what you thought it was!

It also helps to use their own words as it gives you a better understanding of what they find relatable and can connect with.

High-converting copy bridges the gap between what you do and who it serves. And who is better equipped to bridge that gap than someone who’s gone through the transformation?

Use copy templates for your website

One of my favorite things about using templates from experts like Jess is that you get access to the real behind-the-scenes tactics they use to get you high-converting copy – without the high price of working with an expert one-on-one.

You also feel more in control throughout the process since you’re running it on your terms. But still get the guidance and support we, as creatives, so often crave. 

Many times as creatives, we get lost in the weeds and waste a ton of time focusing on the wrong things instead of getting things done. Jess’s designed her framework to be finished in about 10 days (although it is self-paced). 

Templates also make it easy to go back and tweak things as you and your brand evolve since you have a formula to replicate any time you need a refresh. No need to start from scratch over and over.

Ready to get started with your own high-converting website copy?

Head over to my friend Jess’s Promptlates and tell her I sent ya! You’ll get 30% OFF with code SECRETPERKS so you can DIY your copy and take your website to a whole new level.

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