How To Write A Knockout Sales Page for Products & Services

How to write a compelling sales page to increase conversions

Check out this guide to get started with everything you need to write a Sales Page that’s sure to get your sales going. 

For many business coaches, creatives and other online entrepreneurs, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what to say without getting rambly or trying to sound cute when writing a Sales Page. Directly telling their audience to buy their offer feels over the top or intimidating. 

And sometimes it’s easier to skip the Sales Page altogether. 

BUT with the right setup, your Sales Page becomes your best salesperson. So you can capture leads and convert even while you’re out there working on other stuff – or you know… living life.

A Sales Page is one of the most important parts of your business because it’s your product’s home online. Done right, your Sales Page can:

  • Help you qualify leads
  • Grow your online community
  • Create hype around your new offer
  • Automate your sales process

How To Write A High-converting Sales Page 

 You can play around with the order, tweak the sections to fit your product or services, or add/remove other sections. But these are 9 key elements every Sales Page needs.

How to write headlines for your Sales Page

The first thing your reader needs to see when they find you is the success they’re looking for as it relates to your offer. This is known as the Hero Statement.

Your Hero Statement needs to be clear and tell your reader exactly what you do in a snap. 

The headline on your Sales Page should include:

  • A clear, short sentence highlighting the success your user will achieve after working with you (from your user’s perspective)
  • The keyword your ideal client is using to find what you do

Check out this example on the mailerlite homepage. Without even scrolling down the page, you can quickly see:

  • Exactly what they do (email marketing) with no fuss, euphemisms, or cute words: Create email marketing your way. This immediately highlights how easy it is to customize the platform to fit your needs.
  • Their whole hero section is about you and how you’re going to be better by signing up: Its ease of use, 24/7 support, and seemingly the most-used features (landing pages and automation).

A great hero statement is something your audience will identify with. Make the headline of your Sales Page a short sentence highlighting the success you provide by solving your reader’s problem. 

How to talk about your ideal client or customer and their pain points

Commonly referred to as “agitating the problem,” addressing your client or customer’s pain points is key in connecting with them. You know that your goal is to help them succeed. But if they don’t see this connection clearly, you’re missing out on sales.

At a glance, your reader needs to find herself in your Sales Page. She needs to see that you understand why this problem matters to her. 

Some of the most common struggles include frustration, overwhelm, shame, and fears or doubts. 

Understanding the root of your ideal client’s pain and how they feel about it is key in providing her the best possible solution – your offer.

How to present your offer as the solution they need

Many businesses struggle to come up with this section because they’re too focused on themselves. Your reader doesn’t care that you made a billion dollars selling this – they care about how you support them. You’re coming into your client’s life to make it easier, better, smoother, more fun. It’s all about them

Your reader can see how you help them achieve their goals when you connect your solutions to the emotional stress they’re facing because of the problem you’re solving. 

Your Sales Page needs to close the loop between your reader’s problem and your solution. It can include a bird’s eye view or an in-depth look at how you are the best chance your user gets to solve her problem. For example, a benefit-oriented list can go closer to the start and the detailed (or more technical) list can go further down since this is for users who are more interested and likelier to purchase. 

A great example of a Solution section on your sales page is Google Workspace:

At a glance, a table like this makes it easy for your reader to find exactly what she needs and choose the plan that suits her.

Another benefit of the detailed list is that it is a great place to add keywords or compare pricing if you offer multiple tiers. You can also hide this list under a ‘Read more’ button or make it a pop-up so that it doesn’t clutter your Sales Page.

How to come up with FAQs for your Sales Page

FAQs are a great place to address your reader’s objections before they’ve even had a chance to come up with them. An easy way to collect FAQs is to see what past customers have said/asked about your product and flip it into questions. 

Here’s an FAQs page about how to make an FAQs page 😉

How to reiterate something multiple times in different ways

Reiterating the main takeaways in your Sales Page is important because most people won’t read the full page at once. At least not at first. Readers often jump from one place to the next, click around and come back to whatever seems most important. 

You can reiterate your main takeaway by rephrasing it, including it in a headline and then a body paragraph in different sections, breaking it down and listing it as a bullet list, or including photos/videos to highlight what are the most important aspects of your offer. 

How to introduce the Guide (You!)

Your About section in your Sales Page is the spot to share 3-4 lines about why you’re the right fit for your ideal client. In a snap, you can highlight your expertise and connect with your user by sharing quick snippets of who you are as an entrepreneur.

Every About section should include:

  1. Authority: Or why you’re the most qualified person to work with your client or customer.
  2. Empathy: why you care about helping your client or customer succeed. 

How to choose the right testimonials

Having a client gushing about how sweet you are can be a great mood booster. But it doesn’t help you sell. 

The right testimonial for your Sales Page mentions a clear problem your client faced and how you helped them overcome it. Bonus points if they talk about why they chose you over a competitor!

If you’ve ever filled an “About me” page, I’m sure you know how intimidating the blank page is! Ask a few questions when requesting testimonials and you’ll increase your chances of getting testimonials in the first place. Plus, you’ll get a high-quality testimonial that addresses potential clients’ objections from people who’ve also been in their shoes.

How to tell your reader what to do next (Your contact form or CTA)

The most beautiful Sales Page (or website, for that matter) won’t convert unless you tell your reader exactly what they need to do to get started.

Include a 3-step plan

If you’ve got your reader hooked on the edge of her seat and ready to play but you’re not telling her how to reach out or buy, you’ll lose the sale. Adding a 3-step plan shows your reader how easy it is to work with you.

Add CTA buttons

For Calls to Action (CTAs), you want to make sure that your reader can find it as soon as she’s ready. This means adding one CTA button at the very top, one between sections (like right after your Testimonials or Solution section), and another one when they scroll to the bottom of the page. 

How to present your client’s transformation

The last section of your Sales Page is a transformation. Here is where you talk about how your Hero is when you start working with her all the way to what she’s accomplished by the time your time together comes to an end.

Give it a go! Once you identify your ideal client’s pain points, how many opposing emotions can you identify and provide with your offer?

Your Sales Page is a 24/7 salesperson ready to sing your praises

While it may be intimidating to get started with your Sales page, setting it up right from the start is one of the most important things you can do when you launch a new product. 

Your Sales Page is the one-stop place for your ideal client to learn all about you and become your buyer. 

The layout of your Sales Page may look different based on the template you select. But following these formulas, you’ll come up with winning Sales Page copy to get that brand-spankin’ new offer out there and converting while you go about your life.

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