Showit Sales Page Builders For Coaches, Creatives & Educators

Sneak Peek: Showit Sales Page Builder For Coaches, Creatives and Educators

I know it’s hard to put a killer product out there when the perfect landing page seems so elusive. After all, you need a website that lives up to your offer. Amiright? 

Many coaches, consultants, and online business owners have a hard time launching or promoting their services simply because of the logistics behind selling online. How do I know what to include? Do I need X or Y section in there? Where should I list the features? It just doesn’t feel right…

It’s such a timesuck. But… 

Promoting your product doesn’t have to be a pain.

I’m super excited to show you how my new Showit Sales Page Builder is going to help make launching your product a breeze

Using a pre-made and easy-to-customize showit template for your sales page, you can get your sales page up and running and start selling your new offer in no time. 

The beauty of the Sales Page Builder is that everything you need comes in a bundle and ready to use. 

With pre-made layouts included in this showit template for the most-used pages (including Landing page, Waitlist, and more) and 50+ canvases to choose from, you get to pick between different section styles and customize your sales page to your liking. 

Or simply build your page as-is for super quick launching.

Sounds dreamy, right?

Check out this video for a demo of the Maya builder to give you a better idea of how they work!

Ready to see the designs?

Each of these Sales Page Templates is designed to be easy to use, easy to customize! Change up colors and fonts in your Showit template with just a few clicks and follow my video tutorials for tips and tricks to getting launched quickly.

Meet Maya

She’s fun, friendly and down-to-earth, not to mention strategically designed to convert scrollers into buyers. This showit template is perfect for the online business owner looking give off a vibe that’s approachable and fun-loving, while still looking professional and legit! 

Meet Emery

She’s bold, empowering and focused – this one’s for you if you are looking for something with an editorial, striking style! It’s perfect for the monochromatic lover looking for just a pop of color.

Meet Adalyn

She’s cheerful, feminine and light. She’s ready to pitch your offer in a way that will resonate with your ideal client, giving them a sense of confidence when clicking “enroll/buy now”! Pink not your thing? Easily change it out to a soft teal, pale green or whatever floats your boat in just a few clicks! 

Meet Olivia

She’s colorful, modern and engaging – This showit sales page template is perfect for any female entrepreneur! Easily plug in your content and launch your perfect sales page for your offer. All colors and fonts are easy to customize and make on-brand to you!

Using a template for your sales will make things oh-so-much-easier for you when it comes to launch time for your offer or product.

With a Showit Sales Page Builder, all you need to do is:

  1. Add your brand elements (colors, fonts, pics…)
  2. Tweak your page’s sections as needed (pick between 50+ canvases for your perfect Hero image, testimonials, pain points, or a plan that’s just for you)
  3. Add your content according to the outline/layout you’ve created!

These new Showit templates are launching March 23rd so mark your calendars and get on the waitlist to get access to a special promotional discount! (Must be on the waitlist prior to the launch to receive it.)

So excited to see how these Showit sales page builders serve you!

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