How to Create a Better About Page

One of the biggest things I see my clients and customers struggle with is their website wording or what we call “copy”. And usually the biggest miss is on the “about” page. Surprisingly, your “about” page is not actually about YOU to the extent that you might think. It’s not a place to write your life history or showcase hundreds of accolades, especially as a service based business. 

Your “about” page should still focus on your ideal client and their problem. What problem made them search for you? How can you help solve this problem? Using these questions as the foundation for your website content, even on your about page, is crucial for a high-converting website

Now let’s chat about some of the components you want to have in order to create a better about page.

On-brand Portrait & Compelling Headline

What exactly is an “on-brand” portrait? It’s a photo of you that portrays the attitude you want your clients to feel when working with you. So if you brand is friendly and approachable, have a photo that reflects that. If your brand is bold and powerful, have an image that reflects that. And then provide a compelling headline that serves as an attention grabber and clearly communicates why you do what you do, similar to how you probably did on your homepage!

Agitate the Problem

People come to your website because they are dealing with a problem. What is that problem? What are their pain points, their struggles? You want to touch on that and do what we call “agitate the problem”. This means you are stirring up feelings of overwhelm and stress for your audience which will make them feel like they are in the right place because you understand them. 

Build Confidence

Next, we want to show that we have a solution to that problem. We want to build confidence in our visitors that while we understand and value their struggle, we’ve also got something to offer that will make their life or business better. By showcasing benefits they’ll have from working with us or how our process is different, it will build confidence in them, that we are the right choice for them. This is one great way to create a better about page that serves both you and your potential client.

Provide Social Proof

Social proof is a fancy term for testimonials or client feedback. But I like to use it because I think the term accurately describes WHY we need to make sure to include some! Testimonials from past clients give your new inquiries a sense of security that you have helped others before them, who are similar to them, and who were struggling with the same problem. This proof is what sells you as a reliable person to work with! Having trouble gathering high-quality testimonials? Check out this post for some tips!

Share Your Process or Offerings

Maybe you have a signature way of doing things that you’ve found leads to greater results for your clients – this is where you want to share that! But make sure to keep the process simple and understandable for them in layman terms, not industry terms (unless your ideal client is familiar with them). An alternative is to have a quick navigation to your key offerings or products here on your about page. This will give your visitors a chance to verify that you can help them and that you are the type of person they are looking for, and then easily navigate to the places you want them to go.

Your uniqueness

Lots of you may want to have a little something more personal and fun on your about page and that’s awesome! You can always add a section that shows off a bit more of your personality through fun facts, quirks, a mocked up quiz, infographic, etc. Showcase more about you and just continue to make it things that somewhat relate to your ideal client. For example if you are a wellness expert, you might include some fun facts about your favorite at home meal, your favorite morning routine or your go-to exercise regime. Think about what will resonate with your ideal client and communicate those things about you!

Call to action and Opt-in Incentive

The end of your about page is the perfect spot to have a call to action. They’ve just gone through and read all about how you are there to serve them, they are primed to join your list, buy your course or book a consult, whichever is your main goal at the time. So make sure you have a section that directs them exactly where that next step leads!

I hope you found all that helpful! I know writing “about you” can feel overwhelming so maybe it helps you to know that you don’t actually need to focus on yourself… Focus on your ideal client and what will speak to them and you’ll be way better off! Keeping this front of mind will help you create a better about page for your business. If you are looking for ways to continue to create a high converting website, make sure you grab my free guide to get a jumpstart on your most important page – your homepage!

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