How To Capture Attention on Your Website + Knockout Examples

“If what you are communicating about your product isn’t directly related to helping your customers survive and thrive, they aren’t going to pay attention.” – Donald Miller

When it comes to your website you HAVE to keep it simple when telling people what it is you do.

You want your audience to use as little brainpower as possible because this means you’ll hold their attention longer if you are clear and concise about what will help them “survive and thrive” in their business.

When people come upon you site for the first time, they do not care about YOUR story, your background, your awards, so on. (Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it’s human nature that we are usually looking out for #1 especially when it comes to just meeting someone for the first time). They only care about THEIR story and how you can help them overcome an obstacle they are facing. Don’t waste words that are going to be scanned over, not read, or even worse, cause your website to clicked out of.

Focus on clearly communicating, as quickly as you can (remember we have on average 8 seconds to capture a visitors attention). It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you suck at getting to the point.

When we are in the weeds of our business, we sometimes forget that we are the experts in our field and we care about certain details that don’t mean crap to our customers and clients. We’ll use terms and lingo that are foreign to them that they’ll glaze over. We tell all the little facts / specs / details about our product. Instead of focusing on the WHAT our product is, we need to focus on the WHY someone needs it and HOW it will benefit them and make them “survive and thrive” as a business owner.

Practical tips to use for your website’s homepage:

Display a simple, easy-to-understand headline about what you do or you offer immediately upon landing on your website.

Having a clear tagline or headline is essential if you want to get people to keep scrolling and stay on your site. Make it too vague or witty and visitors will check the F out.

Examples to learn from:

Define the problem that you are looking to solve for your clients and how your product or service is the solution to that problem.

This can be a reflection on a literal clear cut problem or it can be pointing out something that they haven’t quite internalized yet in themselves but you pointing out WHY they need to consider it as their own problem and how you are the solution.

Examples to learn from:

Talk about the benefits your clients and customers will experience after working with you.

The whole idea is that your are helping your clients and customers survive and thrive. You are making their life better. You need to be shouting the benefits so that they realize if they don’t choose to work with you, they will be missing out on some serious amazingness. Don’t be scared to sell. We are in a business, you have to sell the benefits of working with you, otherwise you won’t be successful. Trust me.

Examples to learn from:

I hope that helps give you an idea of how better to create the content for your homepage – just remember, it’s not about you. The story is about your ideal client and how you can help them. Focus on that and it’s proven to generate more leads into clients and customers.

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