How to promote your website launch

Getting your website launched, has to be one of the most fulfilling and exciting moments as an online small business owner! It’s a big milestone! It gives you a sense of being “official” or legitimate. It’s also not a small accomplishment, as it usually involves A LOT of effort on your behalf, even if you are hiring it out. So let’s celebrate, right?! Check out this list for some easy things you can do to promote your website launch!

Create a coming soon page

You can setup a landing page or a “coming soon” page at your domain while your site is under construction. This will give you the opportunity to share what’s in the works, along with a button for people to contact you via email, inquiry form or even better, grab your freebie. 

A coming soon page would typically include a large background image, your logo, short and sweet text in your brand colors and fonts, and adding an opt-in signup or a contact button!

Countdown on Social Media

You could share a countdown to your website launch on social media to hype up the big day!

You can easily create a daily countdown graphic in canva and each day you could even show sneak peeks which I’ll mention next. Countdowns are great for reminding your audience that something exciting is happening in your business and they of course build anticipation!

I may be biased, but I love seeing a new website go live and learning all about the person and their offer. I can imagine your ideal clients are excited to see how they can best work with you too!

Show sneaks peeks and behind the scenes

Everyone loves seeing behind the scenes types of content, right? Share bits and pieces of your new website! Share some of the new offerings that might be coming along with it such as a course, a freebie or a new service offering!

This helps build anticipation and engagement around your launch which could mean an increase in signups or sales the day it goes live!

Promote your opt-in or a waitlist

A great time to get attention for your freebie is when it’s the primary thing you are directing people to… this means it’s perfect for your pre-launch build up!

Promote your freebie signup on your “coming soon” page to let people know to grab your free guide and make sure to add that they’ll be sent an email as soon as your new website is live.

This also creates an opportunity to have your audience promote your new website for you, if you were to create an affiliate program or a pre-launch giveaway. 

Encourage others to promote your launch for you

You can always ask your business besties to celebrate with you and share your website launch! Community is huge in the small, online business sphere so I’m sure you’ll find people are happy to help support and encourage you!

You can also take social sharing to the next level and create an affiliate program that people can join. You can provide launch graphics that they can share on their own accounts to promote your launch. The incentive is that if someone books or buys your product using their affiliate link, they’ll get a portion of the sale so everyone wins.

Another way to have someone promote your launch is to offer a few people a free copy of one of your products in exchange for their promotion! For example, if you have an ebook or fitness guide, share those with a couple members of your target market and ask for a testimonial and story shoutout on your launch day and I’m sure they’d love to be a part of the exchange!

Launch mid-week

Do not launch your fancy new website on a Monday, Friday or the weekend. People are too busy on Monday, too checked out on Friday, and trying to avoid their phones more on the weekend for this little thing called work life balance. Launching your website on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is bound to get more attention!

Blog about the process

A great way to draw attention to your new website launch is to share about the process!

People love to hear success stories and how they can learn from your experience. Maybe they are looking to create their own website for their business – they can learn what did or didn’t work for you. They can check out your referrals if you outsourced it. Transformations make people excited and your audience wants to be a part of yours!

Host a fun giveaway

What better way to celebrate with your audience than by offering them a fun giveaway! You could either give away one of your products or offerings, or if you don’t have something that works like that, you could give away something that relates to your business in some way.

Hosting the giveaway on Instagram is a great way to encourage people to share with others and to tag friends. I recommend sending out an email announcing the giveaway and directing people where they can enter as well. It’s up to you if you want to run the giveaway for a week or two leading up to the launch or if you prefer to have it happen on launch day!

Hopefully you got some fun ideas for how to promote your website launch! If you are using one of my templates, I’d love to share in the celebration so let me know when the time is here and I’ll make sure to share your new website along with you!

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