Best Sources for Stock Photos for Female Entrepreneurs

Styled Stock Image of a Notebook on a Desk

Using stock photos is a great way to build a professional, cohesive website especially if you are not in a place where you can just hire a brand photographer to create some personal, branded ones for you. Choosing the right stock images is so important when it comes to your website or social media because it’s a visual platform and people will associate your brand with the images you choose. I wanted to share some of my favorite sources of stock photos for female entrepreneurs – some are paid sites, some are subscription based and some are free so a little bit for everyone depending on your investment level.

I utilize stock photos in my templates, a lot of which you can continue to use when you purchase (it’s noted in the individual template listing if images shown in the demo are allowed to be utilized by you or not) which makes your job a little easier! But if you are searching for your own – I recommend trying to stick with a particular style, lighting and color scheme. Purchasing all your stock images from a single stock photo source (i.e. Kate Max Stock) will usually mean you get a consistency that will give your brand a professional vibe vs. piecing everything together!

Check out my current list and check back soon for any updates! Hopefully you find some that coordinate and accent your brand.

Styled Stock – Paid / Subscription:

Kate Max Stock

Jana Bishop Collection

Ivory Mix

Moyo Studio

Springs & Co

Free Stock Images:





Let me know if you have some other sources you love that you want to share for stock photos for female entrepreneurs!

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