Free Brand Kit of the Month: For Coaches, Consultants and Creatives

Friend, if you’ve been around long enough, you’ll know our motto here is “Done is better than perfect.”

We know that things have been weird this year and many creatives are trying new things to keep business going. So over here, the theme for 2022 has been to make things as easy as possible for those of you who are looking to launch or grow your business online. 

That’s why we’re really excited to introduce a very special series: The Brand Kit of the Month. The Brand Kit of the Month includes a simple, editable logo, color palette and coordinating fonts to make it easy for you to kickstart your online presence and launch a professional-looking business online without a huge investment.

Branding 101: The Foundation

Your branding is made up of visual and emotional components, which together, inform your audience of who you are as an entrepreneur.

The brand elements you choose dictate your vibe and attract your dream customers to create a bond. Brand elements include:


Your colors are an essential component of your brand. They communicate your message and welcome your audience into your “home.” A brand palette typically has anywhere between three and five colors, each of them with a specific purpose (like backgrounds, accents, and text). 


Many people take it for granted. But fonts are a powerful branding element that sets the tone for any business. Think about it: Brands like Disney and Netflix have iconic styles you’d identify anywhere. That’s the power of typography.

A brand kit usually has two or three fonts you use for titles, content and accents. You’ll want to choose something that’s easy to read for the content but can have a bit more fun with the title and accent fonts.


If you check out your favorite IG creators, you’ll notice that their grids have a consistent vibe. Everything looks uniform, and there’s a flow throughout the posts. That’s because they use similar filters, colors, and compositions in their photography and carefully plan what they post to match the aesthetic.

You can choose different styles, like warm and cozy filters, sunkissed looks that give an 80s vibe, or modern minimalist imagery, among many other photography styles.

The December Brand Kit is designed for service based business owners with a feminine vibe. 

This month’s brand kit features a simple yet playful design and uses pops of colors to make it fun and unique for your brand, though classic and easy to read for your visitors. The brand kit consists of 2 different logo variations; a color palette with dreamy, warm pastels and fonts inspiration for your website and branding! Best part is, it’s totally free. Just signup to get access to the editable Canva template.

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