Branding is more than a Logo Design

When you think of branding, your mind probably goes to your logo, your color palette, your business card, etc. And those are definitely elements of your branding but they are not the only component or even the main component.

Branding is the WHY behind your business and how you communicate that WHY.

It’s the reason you started this journey and it’s the story behind your business. Let’s break down what exactly your branding is so that you have a clearer understanding of why it is so important to develop it!

Branding is your story and purpose.

You started your business for one reason or another. Most likely because you found you were passionate about something and wanted to share that with other people. You are more than just another product or business, your brand has its own character and purpose, and it serves both you and those you are seeking to work with. Your branding is what should conveys that purpose. It is what makes you valuable in your client’s eyes and therefore desirable to collaborate with!

Branding is your message.

Branding is your message to your ideal client or customer, that is. Without a true grasp on who that person is, who you are looking to serve, how can you actually serve them in the best way possible? Honing in on their needs and their wants and learning how to speak directly to them is part of your branding. That’s why when designing a brand package, the most important aspect is that it resonates with your ideal client. Yes, of course it’s important for you to love it as well, but you should love it because it fits your message, not because of personal preference. Your ideal client is not necessarily you. And your branding should be designed around them.

Branding is your visual identity.

Creating consistency in your graphic presentation of your brand is definitely part of your brand identity. Here is where your logo, submarks, color palette, font selections, website design, etc. comes together. These items are formed AFTER the basis of your branding is established. Once you know your brand’s purpose and your brand’s message, you can focus on the visuals that will convey those items to your audience. Again your visuals are designed to speak to your ideal client. Having consistency in their design and use is so important as it gives your audience a sense of confidence and trust in you as a brand they can and should work with.

Branding is your copywriting and communication.

Lastly, but just as essential, is the fact that branding is your voice and language just as much as your visuals. This can range from the copy on your website to the way your response to client inquiries or post on social media. They should all have a consistency and be “on brand” to who you are serving. Just be yourself and usually this will happen naturally in my opinion. Yes, it is still very important to study copywriting and the best methods for attracting your ideal client. Those techniques are based on best utilizing your own personality and character and translating that into a vibe and message that will strike your audience in the most efficient way. Copywriting and authenticity together are so important to your brand.


Why a Full Branding Experience is Important

These four aspects of branding are why I believe it is so important to go through the entire branding process and not take any shortcuts or go the “can you just design a logo for me?” route. Of course a designer can design a generic logo, but without the foundation and the why behind your business established, it will be just that – generic. It will not be tailored to your exact brand or ideal client. It’s better to invest in yourself and your passion and spend the time truly understanding why you started your venture, who you are serving, how best to speak to them and how to be consistent in all aspects from your website, your social media presence, your email conversations and your physical branding products such as business card, pricing guides, packaging elements, etc.

If you are looking for a full branding experience definitely let me know and I’d be happy to chat with you! You can check out my services here and we can work through all of these items to create a brand that you not only love and are proud of, but one that will attract the people you dream of working with!

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