5 Reasons Showit is the Best Website Platform

why showit is the best website platform - jessica gingrich creative

Contemplating a Showit website for your business? It’s a platform that is making HUGE waves in the website design community, for good reason too!

Showit websites are amazing in terms of user friendliness as it is totally drag and drop. It allows you to create pretty much anything you can dream of, without all the coding knowledge required by other platforms. 

I believe a Showit website is the right path for pretty much any female entrepreneur. Coaches, photographers, strategists, virtual assistants, lawyers, realtors, you name it. Here are 5 reasons why I recommend the Showit platform for your business… And make sure you check out the bonus at the end!

1. Ease of Use.

Number one is just how easy it is to use. Little to no coding is required (if you are installing widgets, there may be a little dealing with codes but it’s pretty much just copy and pasting!) and you can create almost anything you can imagine or design. It’s never been simpler to edit your copy and images, on your own. No need to wait around for a developer to make the changes for you. Your Showit website will always be up to date with your new work and services.

2. Design Desktop & Mobile Independently of Each Other.

With Showit you also have the capability to design your mobile and desktop websites independently of each other. This means you have control over what content is on your mobile site, in case you want to pare it down or rearrange slightly different. This is so important because so much of viewership is by phone and this means your Showit website will be even more user friendly to visitors! You can provide a unique experience that makes sense for however they are viewing your website.

3. Beautiful Designs that fit your Brand Personality.

Showit sites just look beautiful, feel professional, and work seamlessly. It’s as simple as that. I am a huge fan of the look of Showit websites and believe anyone can have a professional feeling website up and running in no time, whether starting from a free or purchased template! There are so many ways you can customize your template and make it integrate fully with your branding and messaging, it’s ridiculously easy once you get the hang of the platform. There’s of course a learning curve just like with any website platform, but I can guarantee you’ll be happy you chose a Showit website in the end. Plus I’ve got all kinds of tutorials to help you learn your new template if you purchase one in my shop!

4. WordPress Blogging.

You get to utilize the #1 blogging platform. With Showit, your blogging is done through an integration with WordPress so you get all the benefits of that powerhouse blogging platform which is huge for SEO and visibility. You’ll design your blog in Showit and then actually type out your posts in WordPress and they’ll communicate to each other producing your blog, like you see on my own blog!

5. Amazing Support & Community.

The Showit Support team is simply amazing. And you have access to them included in your monthly subscription fee. Which means anytime you are struggling with an issue on your website, you can simply hit the little chat button in the bottom right and they’ll get back to you ASAP. Anything and everything. It’s an awesome resource and one of the best parts about using Showit.

Showit has a facebook community of other “Showiteers”. This group is amazing and so resourceful! If ever you have a problem or question arise and need an answer ASAP, you could head here and I bet you someone else has already gone through it and can lend a helping hand.

That all sounds pretty amazing right? You can also try out Showit for free and I’ve got a free template to make your exploration even that much easier! Download my free template, sign up for Showit and see for yourself how amazing this platform is!

Find out which website template fits your Brand Personality the best!

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