How to: Customize Your Showit Template in 20 minutes


You see a Showit website template that you think is sooo pretty but man… how do you make it fit your brand and your niche?? Well my friend, I’m about to blow your mind with Showit’s customizing capabilities. Take for example my Sarah Marie template which is designed for health and wellness coaches. What if you are a social media and content strategist? Can the template still work for you? The colors are not quite what you had in mind for your brand, the fonts don’t match the brand board your designer sent you, and so on… but have no worries. We’ll customize your new Showit template in just 20 minutes by doing the following things to your homepage:

    1. Change the color palette and add in your logo.
    2. Switch up the fonts
    3. Add in your images
    4. Edit your navigation and services
    5. Move canvases around if needed
    6. Coordinate your mobile design with desktop design

And with those 6 items, you’ll have a huge jumpstart on customizing your new template! Just start adding in your content and wording into the provided text boxes and adjust them as needed.

Now after this you’ll jump into each of your pages and make the adjustments as needed but usually your homepage takes the longest for a standard website so you should be up and running in no time!

As I mentioned in the video, I don’t get into the basics much due to trying to show you how fast the process can be done! If you are ready to jump into learning the full capabilities of Showit then check out my Showit for Beginners Course: Launch With Moxie.

It walks you through installing your template, customizing everything more in depth, setting up your marketing elements, social and SEO and so much more, all through easy, bite size videos! Would love to have you join our crew and get access to our private facebook group where you can join likeminded women entrepreneurs looking to DIY their website and focus on the strategy behind the design! The course is FREE to those that purchase a template of mine, but you can totally enroll and work from your own template as well if you already have one!

Let me know if you found this quick overview of how fast you can actually customize a Showit template and get it up and running within days if you put your mind to learning the program! I sincerely hope that if you are considering making the switch, that this little video got you even more interested in the platform! I honestly believe it is an amazing web builder that fits most service professionals needs and allows the user so much freedom and control to manage their own website.

Looking to get a headstart on your own website content planning? Grab my free guide for creating a high converting homepage in order to attract more clients!

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