Audrey James Showit Template For Coaches, Educators and Consultants

One of my most popular templates just got an overhaul as it was coming up on it’s 3 year birthday! I am so excited to share this whole new design with you and cannot wait to see what you do with it.

The Audrey James Showit Template is designed for coaches and consultants and has a confident, fresh and modern vibe!

Built for the Showit platform, this design is not only beautiful, it’s also easy to customize to find your brand. Easily switch out colors, fonts and images with just a few clicks, type or paste in your copy into the text placeholders, and get launched within days.

It really is that simple thanks to my step-by-step course, Launch With Moxie, which comes with your template purchase! My course will help you go from purchase to build to launch in a matter of days (or even hours if you have your website content ready to go!)

I’m super excited for this template refresh and I hope you love it as much as I do! Scroll to check out the design and then head to the link to view all the information and each page’s design!

If you aren’t very familiar with the Showit platform, it’s an awesome alternative to Squarespace, Wix and WordPress! It is a completely drag-and-drop website builder that utilizes WordPress blogging, and it is unrivaled in terms of having control of your design and content without any coding knowledge.

This Showit template for coaches, consultants and creatives is ready to go, just plug in your own words and images and start attracting your dream clients. If you’re a female entrepreneur of any niche looking for a unique website design, this website template is a perfect starting spot for you!

How It Works:

A. Purchase and customize the design yourself. My designs are easy to use and ready to go! Just add in your own images and copy and launch that bad boy. Not sure how to use Showit? No worries, I include free access to my Launch with Moxie Showit Course for Beginners! It will walk you through every aspect of customizing and launching your new template.  

B. Hire me to customize it for you with my Template Customization process! I’ll make any changes you need, adjust the fonts and colors, add in your branding, images and copy and get you launched in just one week. View more info about that here.

Ready to Buy This Design? Let’s do this! Click below to get the full details.

Have questions or not sure which Showit template is the best for you? While this one is designed as a website template for coaches, it’s super easy to transform into whatever niche you need! I can help you with that if you aren’t sure how to make it work! Shoot me an email or book a 15 minute consult call and let’s chat. I’m happy to help you make the transition from whatever platform you are on currently, and I offer free access to my Launch With Moxie course with your purchase. If you run into any roadblocks, I’ll get you through them.

Find out which website template fits your Brand Personality the best!

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