3 Must Haves for your Website

Hey y’all! Today I wanted to share three things that are a must have in my book for your website. I believe a website is so essential to building your brand and business because it your little home on the internet. It’s where you can direct people to easily to view your work or portfolio. It gives your brand a professional vibe and builds confidence in others that you have your crap together, whether or not it’s true at that moment! We all have to start somewhere and I think a website is truly essential to growing a business these days. So let’s look at what components I believe make up a great website beyond the standard stuff.


A Deeper Look into Your Story and Who You Are

This goes beyond the typical “about” section that’s like 5 sentences on the main page of your site. Your visitors want to know more about you. And you need to give it to them if you want them to become customers. Having an intensive but easy to ready “about me” page is so essential and alot of times we, as small business owners, glance over this section and provide just the basics and just enough. We assume people are there just to buy our product and do not care about the face behind the brand but we could not be further from the truth.

People love to relate to something they are supporting, especially when it comes to small businesses or service industries. They want to know who is making their product or who is going to take pictures of their family, whatever it is that you do. So make sure to dedicate some time to this portion of your website and don’t make it an afterthought.


A Call to Action or Opt-in

Not the simple and boring “Join our newsletter”, though having this is a minimum and a good start because it means you are at least gathering emails and building your list. But let’s create something more impactful and more meaningful with the hopes of turning visitors into followers. By having a call to action to join you in some form – whether it’s to sign up for your free webinar class, for a discount, for a free swipe file, whatever it is, you want to make it something that serves your audience and is meaningful enough to them that they’ll feel justified in giving up their sacred email address. This is where you build trust. You need to provide your new visitors with content that is valuable and not click bait. You want them to stick around and be eager for more things that you have coming down the pipeline.

So if you do not currently have an opt-in to gain new subscribers, that should be your number one priority at the moment. And don’t just have it on your main page. Add that sucker in wherever you can. And you don’t have to only have one opt-in – create multiple concepts and freebies and scatter them throughout, but in a logical way. The idea is to serve, serve, serve your audience.

A Consistent and Branded Feel

Not only is consistency important, but you want your brand to speak to your target customer or client. If you brand is for female photographers but your website design is lacking a bit and speaks more to a technical or not as aesthetically driven audience, then you wont win over your ideal market very easily. You need to create something that speaks to yourself and your personality but also speaks to your audience. And you need to carry it through in every aspect of your website. It communicates a professional feeling and helps develop trust and confidence in you by your visitors. They want to know that YOU know what you are doing and who you are as a business.

Simple ways to be consistent are to have the same fonts and colors throughout. The same design elements will create a cohesive vibe that is essential to growing a successful business.



Do you have all three of things going on for your site? Is there something you need help with? Bounce ideas for opt-ins off me, I’m happy to give you some input! I hope you found this information helpful and I am so excited to see what you do with it, so please feel free to reach out!


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