"I have never found something so easy to use while also having beautiful design in over 3 years of trying to build my website. My website finally shows off my personality and gives the feeling I want my ideal clients to have when they visit my site."

Jenn B.

"Jess' template and course allowed me to create the website of my dreams!"

Note: Showit Subscription is not included with your template purchase, you will need to subscribe in order to utilize this design. Script font license is not included but purchase link is provided. All template sales are final and non-refundable due to the digital nature of the product.

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Easy-to-customize website template designed with proven marketing strategies in order to help you attract your dream clients. Change up fonts, colors and images with just a few clicks and get launched within days following our step-by-step Showit course that's included.


Feminine. Cheerful. Creative.

Jules Avery

what ya get:

Strategically designed Showit Template ready to customize with zero coding knowledge needed.

Step-by-Step Video Trainings to guide you through customizing your site.

Access to our Private Launch With Moxie Community

FREE 30 Minute Call for Design or Launch Assistance with Jessica

Designed for use on Showit, a user-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder

Step-by-step Training to go from customizing to launching within days.

Marketing Focused & Strategically designed to convert visitors into buyers

ditch the website overwhelm

This website platform is what designer dreams are made of. It will allow you to truly create a website that's not only beautiful but functional and targeted to your audience!

Here's what's included With your Template Purchase

we'll help you every step of the way

Fully Customizable Showit Website Template

Our tutorials have helped thousands of women launch their website using one of our templates.  Your new site is next, my friend!

Access to Our Showit Tutorial Library & Video Trainings

Your Mobile site will look just as beautiful as your desktop version, and you have complete control over how it turns out which is unique to this platform! 

Beautifully responsive Mobile Design

Each of our designs comes ready with a coordinating Wordpress blog design and tutorial for getting started with blogging. 

Coordinating Wordpress Blog Design

You're never alone if you come up with a roadblock or challenge. I'm always here to help and guide you as needed. You also have access to the Showit support peeps at any point!

Lifetime Support From Us And The Showit Team

We've created a workshop and community where you will have access to our team along with other like-minded business owners like yourself! And guess what? It's not on facebook so YAY for less time on social media, right?

Discounted Access to our Launch With Moxie Website Workshop

How it works

There are 3 subscription options - Tier 1 does not include a blog; Tier 2 would be a standard blog with standard plugins already installed that are recommended by Showit Support; Tier 3 is an advanced blog for high traffic and custom plugins. 


Sign up for a Showit Trial or Subscription at Showit.co

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After purchasing you'll be able to download a PDF after the checkout screen which will contain your "Share Key" which you will add into your Showit account following the instructions in my course.


Install the template on your account with a "Share Key" from me

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This can take anywhere from instantly up to an hour to get delivered sometimes so if you don't receive within that window feel free to contact me at jg@jessicagingrich.com.


Check your Inbox for Instructions on Accessing the Step-by-Step Course

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Follow the course and get your new site setup! It will walk you through everything from customizing to launching. Not a fan of doing it yourself or feel like you don't have the time? Feel free to contact me to book one of my customization packages!


Take the Course, Build Your New Site and Launch It!

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What Showit In Action!


Zero Coding

Designed to Convert

Step-By-Step Guidance

ready to rock?

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Your purchase includes:

  • Easy-To-Customize Showit Website Template 
  • Coordinating Mobile & Blog Designs
  • Showit Training Course
  • Access to Private Community
  • Lifetime Email Support

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main site Pages Included:

Add-On Page Bundle ($99 One Time Offer):

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Yes I can! I offer template install and customization packages which will take everything off your shoulders and allow me, the Showit Design Partner, to just get your website built and launched for you. You can learn more about my services here!

frequently asked questions

Showit is an amazing drag and drop website building platform that uses wordpress for blogging. So you'll have the ease of designing and inputting content for your website PLUS the SEO powerhouse of Wordpress behind your site. You are going to love it! Showit is subscription based and includes everything you'll need except your domain host which is usually through godaddy, google or similar. Your subscription is not included with your purchase from me, you'll handle that on your own through Showit.co. 

what is showit?

do i have to use showit?

Is it hard to change the colors, fonts and images?

can you just set up my site for me?

is support included if i run into problems?

To use one of my designs? Yes, but trust me, you are going to love it. Showit is a subscription based platform, similar to Squarespace, and you can check out the pricing structure this way. 

Nope. Just a few clicks for the colors. Add your own custom fonts or choose from the Google Font Library that's included with Showit. Drag and drop your images and text and hit publish. Seriously, I make it sound so easy I know, and it will be when you follow my course!

Showit's support team is amazing. You'll get access to live chat, a help center, and a Facebook community. And for any other questions related directly to my templates and their setup, feel free to email me anytime! I offer lifetime email support and for things that go beyond a few minutes of assistance, I can also help at my hourly design rate. 

I'm not tech-savvy...

You got this. My course will help you every step of the way and is broken down into bite-sized videos so you can easily look up the exact help you need. If you are struggling with something you can always reach out to me via email and I'll help you as well!

Will the site look good on mobile too?

Yes! Absolutely. With Showit you have complete control of the mobile side of your website. Which means you can change up text styles and colors and layout as needed to make it more user-friendly. I've already done that with the template so you'll be ready to rock and your mobile viewers (which is like the majority of your viewers these days) will LOVE your website as well. 

can you explain the tech setup a little more?

Sure thing! Showit is your website host, so your monthly subscription covers that, along with their amazing support and the use of their easy drag-and-drop builder. The only thing you'll need outside of Showit is your domain host, such as google domains or godaddy. Any other 3rd party integrations will also be done outside of Showit but can usually be integrated such as Scheduling apps, Client Management, Email Marketing, etc.

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