Why you need more than a Portfolio For Your Interior Design Website


As a designer, you care about the details as much as the overall picture. That’s what makes a space truly unique and impactful. When it comes to your interior design website though, I’m going to take a guess and say that the little details weren’t high on the priority list when it came to getting one up and running and throwing a bunch of photos at it. I wanted to walk through the details of a website design that are essential to attracting your ideal client and scaling your business. Especially if you are newer to the industry or struggling to get visibility or traction! Your website is one of your biggest assets and not just for displaying pretty pictures… read on to find out how to utilize it best!

Your website should clearly state what you do and who you are serving.

Ideally in a way that relates to your ideal client. For example, if you provide full service interior design maybe you are “creating a modern and fresh feel for the home you love” for your clients. Or if you are a home stager, “creating the perfect, styled space to get your home sold quickly and maximize your profit”. Or possibly you are an e-designer… “creating your dream home from the comfort of your sofa.” And lastly, a home organizer or declutter might say, “helping you feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your favorite space.”

You get the idea. Just like every other industry, your industry is seemingly saturated and you need to stand out as soon as someone lands on your website.

Always be speaking to your ideal client.

In everything you write, make sure to focus on your ideal client. Don’t go on and on about yourself, the technical side of your offerings, this project you did an amazing job on. You want to direct everything toward them and their needs. Focus on how they might be feeling as they stumble upon your website.

They could be feeling overwhelmed in their search; they could be embarrassed by their home; they could be scared of finally investing in something they’ve dreamed about FOREVER.

Any number of psychological things could be going through their head and that is exactly what you want to speak to and provide reassurance that you are the right one for them.

Provide a brief description, information about the process and a starting price for your services.

This is so important not just for your visitors to have clarity on what you offer, but also for yourself. It allows your website to act as a filter for your inquiries. You do not want to waste time talking to someone who is not prepared to pay the amount required for your services.

Having your services outlined also makes your life easier if you get inquiries on instagram or facebook – you can easily direct people to your services page and they can find the information they need there and inquire further if they would like.

Keep your offerings and packages simple so that you don’t overwhelm them with options though. If you have more in-depth details that you want to provide, make it an additional button they have to click to download or provide it via email after their initial inquiry.

Provide success stories or social proof.

These are testimonials from past clients. People want to work with someone they can trust and what better way to show that than highlighting what other’s have said based on their experience with you! You need client feedback on your website especially if you are building a reputation and trying to scale your business.

Having this element with give people the confidence they need to inquire about your services. And remember to focus on the benefits people experienced after working with you as well as how they felt prior to working with you. Check out this post related to gathering high quality testimonials!

Call your visitors to action.

You are selling a service, right? If you don’t book clients, you don’t make money, correct? So do not be afraid to SELL. As we say in marketing, you need to “call to action”. This means you want to give clear direction as to what the next step is for your website visitor. Whether it’s to book a consultation, fill out your contact form, join your email list, buy your product, whatever it is, it should be clear as day and in multiple places throughout your website.

Do not worry about being “too salesy”. People are on your website for a reason and they WANT you to sell them on why they should hire you. If they get “offended” that you’d push them to book a consult, who cares, they aren’t your ideal client in that case. You want to them out and you want to call out your ideal client load and clear.

I hope this gives you an idea of why a full website design is essential if you are looking to grow your interior design business and build an audience! All of my Showit website templates for interior designers take these elements into account to provide you with a strategic framework as well as a beautiful design. If you are looking for an impactful interior design website that will lead to more leads, definitely head to the shop to check out our full collection of easy-to-use and customizable Showit templates!

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