The Beauty Barn | Showit Template Showcase -

The Beauty Barn | Showit Template Showcase

Alison runs a new beauty salon and spa and I was so excited to help build her a simple but impactful website that would clearly communicate her services and offerings to her clients and help her get found locally. We customized my Idlewild Studio Showit template to fit her needs and made it modern and clean with a simple black and white color scheme! Alison took advantage of the downtime her spa faced due to Covid and together we set her up to have greater success for her reopening!

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level, just like Alison did by hiring me to customize one of my templates to make it perfect for her needs? Let’s do it! Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to give you some answers!

Template used: Idlewild Studio


Alison’s Testimonial

“I tried everything to make a website on my own and I just couldn’t figure it out and got very frustrated and annoyed. I loved all the work you do, it looked clean and professional. My experience was fantastic and you were amazing at helping me (someone with no tech skills). Also the fact that you continue to answer some questions I have about the website means the world. You are a great person

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