Susan G. Lauermann | Showit Template Showcase -

Susan G. Lauermann | Showit Template Showcase

Susan is an author and life coach who was such a pleasure to work with! We customized my Madison Hanna Showit Template to showcase her services and book. Her branding reflects a confident and professional but approachable style which we created using tones of blue and pale pink. Susan’s messaging is clear and easy to follow using the layout provided with my template and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to work with such an inspiration for women!

You can easily create a clean and classic website like Susan with any of my Showit templates. Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to give you some answers! 🙂

Check out the rundown below to learn more about Susan’s experience.

The Rundown

Template used: Madison Hanna


What were you looking for when you purchased one of my templates and/or hired me to customize it for you? What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve by getting your new website up and running? 

“I was looking for a combination of elements for my website. Design appeal with growth potential, user-friendly so that I could maintain my site easily, fit my budget, would be a good collaborative partner, and a company I could trust to do a great job. Jessica delivered on on all those things that were important to me at the highest levels. She created the warmth, whimsy and professionalism I wanted perfectly. She was a joy to work with and very accommodating when my timelines shifted. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone, especially a newbie like myself, to her company. Bravo, Jessica!”

What challenges were you facing before you purchased my product/services? How did that make you feel? 

“Too many options for templates out there, but none that met all my criteria until I found Jessica’s design templates and services. Knowing that I needed to move forward, I chose Jessica and never questioned by decision throughout the process.”

Why did you choose to go with my product as opposed to another company? 

“I connected to her as a person. In all of her correspondence, she was prompt, enthusiastic about my project, and full of energy. She is exactly the kind of resource you want on your team! From the get-go, her customer service is top-notch and consistently leaves you with the feeling that at the end of the day you are going to be quite delighted with the result.”

Did you achieve what you were looking for when you decided to go with my product? How would you describe your experience? 

“My experience working with Jessica is probably the best professional experience I have had in years. In addition to her design and technical knowledge, she has a highly effective project management system in place to ensure you have created the best possible content and messaging for your audience.”

Susan’s Amazing Testimonial

“In today’s world, if you have a message, you need a platform to deliver those messages. A website is a must. I looked at literally hundreds of templates. I didn’t find any that I really connected with until I found Jessica Gingrich. Using the Showit platform, I could have everything I wanted. Beautiful design with a a touch of whimsy. Easy to navigate layout. Lots of opportunities to shape the template to fit my personality. A creative partner who knew how to capture what I wanted – she could speak my language. And, a site that is user-friendly for me so that I can update without having to pull my hair out. In summary, I wanted a website that represented me. Jessica created a space for my business that is just that. I couldn’t be more excited and more grateful to Jessica for helping me launch the next chapter of my career with such finesse! Stop looking and contact Jessica today!”

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