The Parents Kollective | Showit Template Customization for Online Community

Parents Kollective | Showit template customization

Meet Stephanie. She’s the founder behind The Parents Kollective, a community for new parents facing the challenges & realities of parenthood — and I’m beyond excited to show you what we did in her template customization!

When she’s not opening spaces and shattering stereotypes of what a mom “should” be on The Parents Kollective, she’s a girl mom (like me!) — needless to say, she wanted a website that made it easy for overwhelmed parents to find what they’re looking for and connect with her and the Kollective, and I was ready to make her it just right for her. This customization project took her website template to a whole new level for The Parents Kollective!

With the Holly Grace template as a starting point, Stephanie and I went to work on making it just right for her Kommunity by giving her a community portal and plenty of space to feature her list of must-have tools for parents.

She’s had this dream for a long time and this was the push she needed to make her launch dreams come true.

I can’t wait to see how Stephanie’s brand new website serves her Kommunity!

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level, just like Stephanie did by hiring me for template customization to make her website perfect for her needs? Let’s do it!

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to give you some answers!

Check out the rundown below to learn more about Stephanie’s experience.

The Rundown

Template used: Holly Grace


What were you looking for when you purchased one of my templates and/or hired me to customize it for you? What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve by getting your new website up and running? 

I purchased the template and attempted to customize it myself…I soon realized I was in WAY over my head and thought I’d bring on an expert to help 🙂

What challenges were you facing before you purchased my product/services? How did that make you feel? 

“Building a website is daunting, confusing and overwhelming for someone who has never done it before. This is especially true when I was trying to set up several otherparts of our business at the same time.

Why did you choose to go with my product as opposed to another company? 

“I came across another website you had built and thought it was absolutely beautiful. Upon browsing more of your client work, I knew that your eye for design was perfectly suited for the type of website we wanted to build.

Did you achieve what you were looking for when you decided to go with my product? How would you describe your experience? 

“Yes! We have gotten a ton of compliments on our new website and I feel like it perfectly reflects our brand. Starting a new venture can be exciting but also very stressful, so I always appreciated how quickly you got back to me on email – this made me feel supported and like you were a direct extension of our team!”

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