Olivia Muenter | Showit Template Showcase

Olivia is a lifestyle blogger and content creator based in Philadelphia and she came to me looking to customize my Emily Fallon template for her brand new business venture. We worked together to create something perfect for her fun branding and cool, personable vibe.

I’d love working with Olivia and the website we created is totally unique, which goes to show that you can start from a template and customize it to your heart’s content!

You can easily create a knockout website like Olivia’s with any of my Showit templates. Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to give you some answers!

Check out the rundown below to learn more about Olivia’s experience.

The Rundown

Template used: Emily Fallon

Website: oliviamuenter.com

What were you looking for when you purchased one of my templates and/or hired me to customize it for you? What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve by getting your new website up and running? 

“I wanted to make sure all my copy + ideas seamlessly flowed onto an easy-to-use, attractive, and engaging website template — and one that didn’t look like everyone else’s (had custom features).”

What challenges were you facing before you purchased my product/services? How did that make you feel? 

“I had no idea how to add everything onto a pretty, unique website template myself.”

Why did you choose to go with my product as opposed to another company? 

“I loved your work and how responsive you were!”

Did you achieve what you were looking for when you decided to go with my product? How would you describe your experience? 

“Yes! Working with Jess was one of the best decisions I ever made and was what really made me confident enough to finally start my own business.”

Olivia’s Testimonial

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Jessica. It was like someone got inside my head and understood exactly what I was trying to do — and then did it all (and more!) in the most communicative, responsive, and creative way possible. Jessica’s quick response time and work time didn’t compromise the quality of the work at all, though. Every part of my new website is gorgeous, engaging, and totally ME. Through every step of the process, Jess was there with support and I never felt “in the dark” or like I wasn’t able to get help or advice from her at every turn. I have gotten dozens of compliments on my new website and I am so proud to show it to people. Working with Jessica was the best investment in myself and my business I’ve ever made!”

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