Kandace Griffin Photography | Showit Template Showcase -

Kandace Griffin Photography | Showit Template Showcase

Kandace is an amazing photographer out of Kansas and it was such a joy customizing a website for her unique and bold style! She needed a website that would showcase her variety of niches – weddings, family and seniors all in a cohesive and user-friendly design that portrayed her fun personality.

We customized my Westlake template and it was so neat to see it come to life with her deep purple tones and pale peaches! Her site draws you in and definitely makes her stand out – which is the idea – I want you to attract those ideal clients, you guys! With little effort on your part, which is why your website is the perfect portfolio and marketing aspect for your business.

You can easily create a knockout website like Kandace’s with any of my Showit templates. Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to give you some answers! 🙂

Check out the rundown below to learn more about Kandace’s experience.

The Rundown

Template used: Westlake

Website: kandacegriffinphotography.com

What were you looking for when you purchased one of my templates and/or hired me to customize it for you? What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve by getting your new website up and running? 

“I wanted something that I could visually see and then be able to have a designer help me tweak it to fit my style. I feel you did just that and I couldn’t be more happy with everything. I didn’t have time to do it myself so being able to hire you, was so helpful and I felt you did everything in your power to make sure everything was perfect.”

What challenges were you facing before you purchased my product/services? How did that make you feel? 

“I know I needed a website that was more functional for my clients but also did a better job of showcasing who I am as a person and what I offer to my clients. It was frustrating as well to not have a blog and I know I haven’t done much with it since we last worked on it but I promise I will get to it for sure and I know it will do wonders for my business.”

Why did you choose to go with my product as opposed to another company? 

“I liked the style your template had and I was able to keep my purchase within the budget. You also were the most welcoming and I felt going with you would benefit so much as I was not getting help with my website but also gaining another friend that happens to be a creative like me. :)”

Did you achieve what you were looking for when you decided to go with my product? How would you describe your experience? 

“Yes, I did 100%! You were seriously the best and were so patient with me. With working full-time, running a business and getting married, I felt like I didn’t have enough time in the world to get everything done and when you offered to help with so many things, I was so thankful. You paid attention to detail and were always one step ahead of me to know what I needed to make everything work great. Thank you again for being so awesome!”

Kandace’s Super Sweet Testimonial

“I loved working with Jessica on my website as she was so welcoming and provided a great experience. Her template made it easy to know what I wanted and then the customization process was a breeze. She worked with me as I have a busy schedule and I never felt rushed through the whole process. I cannot recommend her enough as she is perfect for any creative web project you have. She made me feel apart of her design family and I will continue to support her through her journey wherever it takes her. Jessica is very similar to me and so it made it easy for us to communicate back and forth. I felt like she gave me her whole attention during the whole process and let me tell you this girl is crazy fast in helping you design your website. She had the first draft of my website done in a day! If you are in need of a web designer, Jessica is your girl! Thank you again, Jessica, for a great experience!”

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