How to Create A Showit Website For Your Virtual Assistant Business

The virtual assistant industry is BOOMING, which is amazing because it allows so many women the opportunity to work from home, part-time, full-time or even as a side hustle.

But the question is, how do you stand out in such a saturated market that people can easily jump right into?

A killer website that shows you as the professional that people need to hire. That’s how.

So how do you get that shiny new website? You are no website designer and you definitely don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars hiring it out… Being a new business owner, you don’t need a custom website. You just need one that works and is on-brand and has a clear message for your visitors.

iMac mockup of showit website template for virtual assistants by Jessica Gingrich

Showit is a great way to build a website for your virtual assistant business. It is a drag-and-drop website builder that uses WordPress for blogging so you get the best of both worlds: easy and user-friendly with no coding involved plus the SEO (search engine optimization) power of the best blogging platform, WordPress.

Now, Showit is a bit more pricey than some of the other directions you could go as it’s a monthly subscription. It includes your website hosting and the builder, so all you’ll need outside of that is your domain host. I’ll break it down for you.

Getting Started

Showit is your website host & provider. You’ll pay a subscription to them monthly (or annually and save a few bucks). Pricing is broken down here. The pricing is more expensive than just self-hosting a wordpress site, BUT you are paying for a few things that will make your life oh-so-much-easier.

  1. Top of the line support. Showit’s support is amazing and always there to help if you have any issues at all with your website.
  2. User-friendly, state of the art website building app. You dream it, you can do it. No coding involved. You’ll save yourself so much time and frustration making easy updates to your site without having to outsource.
  3. Friendly and helpful community. Showit is smaller than a lot of the other website building platforms, which means a more intimate community that will help you around every turn.
  4. A wordpress blog. This will mean more traffic coming from google and better optimization for your site.

The you’ll have your domain provider separately, I recommend GoDaddy or Google Domains for this. You’ll simply register the domain you would like and then connect it to your Showit website once you’ve got it built!

Get Building

Alrighty, ready to get started? Showit offers a 14 day free trial so go ahead and sign up! Then you can start working on your website right away.

If you check out the Showit marketplace after signing up, you’ll see lots of paid and free templates primarily designed for photographers… that’s because the platform was originally designed for them, but it’s actually perfect for any service based entrepreneur!

While you can definitely start from one of the free templates, it will most likely mean ALOT of time customizing it to fit your needs as a virtual assistant. Which you can totally go for, if you prefer!

But I’ve created a variety of Showit templates for virtual assistants in order to give you a headstart on mapping out your content and needs and to get your website launched FAST.

Simple grab one of them. What you see in the site demo is exactly how it will look in your account once you purchase and add it in there (I’ll show you how to do all this in my step-by-step course that comes with your template). Follow the placeholders throughout the site and add in your own wording and images. It’s really that simple.

iPad mockup of showit website template for virtual assistants by Jessica Gingrich

You can easily create a website for your virtual assistant business and get launched within a day or two if you have a good idea of who you are serving, what you are offering and how to book with you.

Have questions? I’ve here for you and truly believe Showit is the best platform you can invest in for your business so hit me up and I’ll guide you every step of the way!

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