Website Design Intensive

Showit Template Customization

Embarrassed to direct people to your website because you know it’s not YOU?

Underwhelmed by your projects because you aren't charging your worth and you aren't booking the RIGHT clients.

Overwhelmed by the options when it comes to getting a website for your business, and don’t even get me started on the process and investment of a custom design site that could take months, when really you needed something yesterday.

Frustrated because you see your competitors growing everyday and killing it online and you just want to experience success too.

Greater confidence in what you are doing and offering to your clients. Ditch the imposter syndrome, you are ready to rock with a website that’s clear on who you are and who you help. 

Booking clients you are excited to work with that are paying you what you ARE WORTH, which is way more than you imagined when you first began this journey.

ditch the frustration

After this, you'll experience...

In control of your website and able to easily make updates and changes without sweating it or hiring it out! You want a site that is able to adapt and grow at your same pace - it will no longer be holding you back.

Excited to have website that you are proud of and finally feeling like you are in the right place to build your business!

This is perfect for my not-messing-around-get-sh*t-done-bosses who are looking for a turnkey website quickly and efficiently that takes their business' needs, prioritizes user experiences and leads to more clients and sales.

My Website Design Intensive will get you across the finish line with a beautiful, conversion-minded website, all within just a few days. What more could you want?

sound like you? keep reading then!

what to expect

The Website Design Intensive includes...

We'll implement your branding, your colors along with your imagery and wording and any requests you have to make the website unique to you!

Customization of up to 5 pages. For additional pages, additional time can be added to our scope.

Strategic Website Content Planner to help you hone in on your brand message and write your website words.

Get it all done in just 2 days! Plus support and free access to our private community and step-by-step course so you are never alone with any challenges or updates you need to do in the future.

How it Works

Schedule a quick 15 minute consult with me to discuss your project and that way we can make sure we are good match for each other and ready to go with my two day intensive! After that, you'll receive a link to my calendar to book your design day - select a day that you know you can commit to providing all content by - images, integrations and copy - as well as be available for any communication and revisions during that day!


Book Your Design Day

As mentioned, you'll use the time between when you book and your start date to gather all materials and copy for your website! Booking my design day includes assistance with your copy through the use of our website content planner, an in-depth questionnaire to help you create your content for your website based on the template we are starting from along with any customization requests, and a kickoff strategy session to make sure you are prepared for your design intensive!


Prepare Your Content

Your design day is here - let's get this done! It's a very quick 2 day process actually: you'll have a full preview of your site on day 1 and you'll make any comments or revisions that evening, then we wrap things up on day 2 and get you launched!

We'll communicate via email as the day goes on so you will want to make sure you are available for any questions or concerns that might arise.


Your Design Intensive

After your design intensive, I'll be accessible via email for any followup support for 30 days and you'll also have free access to the Launch With Moxie Community.. If you run into any issues, questions or challenges feel free to reach out to me and we'll get you taken care of! I'm also here for email support beyond that and I offer hourly design assistance services for past clients should you need more intensive assistance or upgrades!


Post Design Intensive

Hire me to get your website done quickly and effectively. We'll take you through the whole process, step-by-step so that you can feel confident that your website investment will serve you.

Investment for a Website Design Intensive: $1997 + the cost of your Showit Template

(Showit subscription purchased separately / payment plans available)

Let's Get Started

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