Cassi Torres | Showit Template Customization for a Vocal Coach

Meet Cassi Torres, vocal coach extraordinaire working with women and kiddos to find their voice — or hone in on existing talents. And it’s time to show you what we did!

When she’s not helping talented singers uncover their magic or leading an online community, you may find her reading historical romance novels. With so many moving elements in her business, Cassi needed a website to showcase the different services she has to offer. And we achieved this with my now-retired Avery Johnson template as a starting point. 

In the words of her clients, “Cassi is fierce and fearless, and totally with you every step of the way! A true educator and collaborator, she’ll teach as well as help choose rep that fits your authentic voice.” 

She’s been everywhere in the music and performance industry, including a stint in Texas A&M and a long theatre trajectory among many others.

I look forward to seeing how Cassi’s new website serves her vocal coaching business.

If you’re ready to get a brand new Showit website to wow your clients, it’s time to book your template customization with me so you can get launched in a beat. Let’s do it!

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to give you some answers!

Showit website for a vocal coach
Showit website for a vocal coach

Template used: Avery Johnson

Website: Cassi Torres

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