Easy to customize Canva templates designed to give your instagram a cohesive, professional look!

Create shareworthy, on-brand graphics for your business 


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You are building your business and you need to get people that are browsing instagram to move over to your website and blog so that they can see how much they NEED to work with you. 

These designs will provide your instagram feed with a eye-catching, client attracting look that will do just that.

Designed to convert Scrollers into followers

Instagram Canva Templates

Tired of trying to create branded graphics on your own and reworking everything, every single time, wasting more time.

Let me guess, you are...

Embarrassed that your instagram feed looks like a hot mess and not sure how the heck to get that cohesive look you are going for.

Frustrated that you aren't showcasing your knowledge and resources in a beautiful, easy to follow way for your instagram audience.

This template bundle will help you...

stop wasting time and start building a beautiful, client-attracting instagram Account

Create a cohesive, branded vibe that you can carry through all your business' online spaces

Save time by having a set template for each type of post  whether it's a blog announcement, promotion, inspiration quote, you name it.

Save the headache of trying (and failing) to create your own templates that you love and are reinventing every time you post.





I am literally obsessed with the Sienna Instagram Bundle! This bundle has been a game changer, and has saved me so much time! I now how branded templates that are so easy for me to update with my colors, fonts and content. My stories look so much more put together now. I love it so much!

Tara Shea, Virtual Assistant


+ 12 individual posts to plug & play
+ Series of 7 posts for a sales pitch
+ Series of 5 for a blog or tip post

24 instagram Post Templates

Here's what you get

+ 12 individual posts to plug & play
+ Series of 7 posts for a sales pitch
+ Series of 5 for a blog or tip post

24 instagram Story Templates

1. Follow the PDF instructions and Video Tutorial for learning how to copy the templates to your own account and how to start working with Canva!

2. Easily adjust colors and fonts to fit your own branding and create a beautiful, cohesive feed that's appealing to your target market!

3. Drag and drop your own images or use the free stock imagery included!

3. Export the templates as needed and upload straight to your instagram account or to your instagram planner!

How it works

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I've created beautiful, coordinating templates so that you can just plug and play your content without having to stress if it's going to look good or not!

These templates are designed to be eye-catching and impactful. They will share your tips, inspiration and promotions in way that's cohesive and on-brand!

Easily take these templates and customize to your heart's content, create more for yourself using these as a foundation and recreating them as much as you need!

I'm Jessica. Designer helping other female entrepreneurs uplevel their business without breaking the bank or drowning in overwhelm.

I've been right where you are, friend. Overwhelmed trying to do #allthethings for your business... And then there's the pressure to make sure everything looks good and cohesive so that you'll actually attract the right clients and grow your business that you are so passionate about!

I'm here to help you do that.

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