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Brand Design | Moore Wildflowers

Hey guys! I’m excited to share this brand design I worked on recently for the lovely Sarah Moore of Moore Wildflowers Photography. Sarah is a mompreneur who is currently back in school getting a degree in animal sciences and has a passion for photography and horses. The goal with her brand was to create something that would work for both those interests.

First off, meet Sarah!

Let’s dive into what her brand is all about before we get into the actual design process.

Sarah provides lifestyle photography and her ideal customer is other equine loving individuals or businesses looking for lifestyle photos that include people and horses or horse scenery. Her secondary target customer are those seeking family and senior type photo sessions. When asked how she would describe her own personal style, aesthetic and personality, Sarah’s response was “unique, vintage, bohemian, country (but not corny with rhinestones, actually living and working on a ranch/farm kind of country) My hubby describes my personality as being very compassionate and helping others but not taking crap from people and super sarcastic.  I’m an odd duck.” I love honestly and it was super refreshing to work with this lady! 🙂


Sarah describes her brand as the following…

If it were a person: It would be a peaceful, eclectic person that lives on a ranch.

If it were a place: It would be Utopia, Texas, where he family is from.

If it were a room: It would be decorated in a modern farmhouse style.


When asked what makes her brand stand out from her competition and why people should book with her, she responded with the reason being her  “unique and extensive experience as a horsewoman gives me an advantage in posing people with horses.   I am also experienced in posing clients well and getting wiggly kids to loosen up and have an easier shoot.”

I’m so excited to see her business grow and evolve as she pursues her dream and her ideal client. I asked Sarah where she sees her brand in 1, 5 and 10 years. “Because I am also finishing my degree, for the next 1-5 years I imagine staying small with only a couple of shoot days a month while still actively building a brand.  In the long term I want to grow my photography to encompass my equine business where I will host shoots for other people but also with my own horses offering unique opportunities for people to have “unicorn” like shoots with horses and flowers everywhere!”

Two things that Sarah wanted to change about her current brand direction were 1) she needs to make people more aware of my direction in focusing on equine clients without other clients feeling excluded.  2) Build credibility since she is just starting to open up her photography service on a larger scale.

Branding Process

Sarah describes her brand’s voice as warm, welcoming and serene. When we dove into color selections, she gravitated to warmer, natural hues such as greens, browns and peach. Her mood board features imagery of wildflowers, horses and earthy tones.

When we chatted on the phone regarding her actual logo design, we both agreed a sketched floral would be perfect for her style, and Sarah wanted to include a horseshoe in some aspect to make her brand recognizable as equine loving as well for her ideal client base that she is working toward. During her draft rounds, we decided on simple and clean, handlettered primary and secondary logos and then the main focus was on determining her submark. After a few rounds of proofs Sarah decided on two submarks that would hit her two target markets – regular family photography and equine photography.


I’m in love with her selections and so excited to have been a part of her branding session! See below for the final brand board!


Looking for your own custom branding? Check out my packages and offerings here. I’d love to work on something together with you!

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