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Best Showit Website Templates for Interior Designers

Interior Designers, Stylists, Home Stagers and E-Designers can benefit from the amazing ease of use of Showit paired with how it can display your portfolio and imagery in a professional, seamless way.

As a designer (especially if you are newer and building a reputation) you don’t just need a portfolio as a website, you need something that sells YOU.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed is that so many websites in this niche are only good for one thing – showing your pretty pictures. But do you know what will really sell your work and services?

High quality copy and a user-friendly, user-focused journey through your site.

That’s what my templates help you formulate. They provide you with placeholders designed strategically so you can speak directly to your ideal client, not just throw a bunch of pretty pictures at them. Ready to check out the best Showit website templates for interior designers? Let’s do it!

Studio Wildwood

Simple, clean and minimal are used to describe this template! It’s a spin-off my ever popular – Wildwood for photographers and Madison Hanna for Coaches. The homepage features a sliding gallery to showcase your work, a tagline and introduction with a call to action to book a consultation and then a mini about section where you can tell your ideal client what it is you do and why! After that you’ll find a link to the portfolio followed by my ever-favorite section on a homepage – the testimonials. These are crucial you guys! This template also is showcasing how you can integrate a rewardstyle widget into your page! Love it? It’s perfect for the designer that’s looking for something minimal, light and user-friendly!

Studio Elle

This website design for interior designers is one of my favorites as it’s a spin off my Eliana Nicole template for photographers, which I named after my daughter! The three image showcase is unique and impactful. You can easily make one of the blocks a gallery too for a nice feature! Similar to Wildwood, it takes your visitors through a journey of hearing who you are and who you are for, learning more about you as the designer, hearing social proof of your services (testimonials), getting a sneak peek at your offerings and then a call to action to get started by booking a consultation. Lastly, I’m a huge fan of email lists so there’s an opt-in that’s perfect for adding in a resource or freebie for your visitors! This Showit template is so fun and friendly, but still professional and clean.

Oak Cliff Studio

Looking for something with a little more edge or moody vibe? Oak Cliff is perfect for you! Black and white, monochromatic vibes with lots of white space and minimal but impactful placeholders for your copy. Call to action to book with you front and center with a fading gallery of your best work. A quick nav section providing more info about your services and who they are for. Then you have a fun about section and portfolio pages leading to specific projects for you to highlight. I love how empowering yet minimal this design is!

Studio West

On the other end, Studio West is soft and airy but just as neutral with the pale warm grays and ample white space. This is one of my favorite website templates for interior designers and it is perfect for anyone looking for a slightly feminine template that will appeal to all kinds of markets! Gallery and your tagline as you first land on the site. This a great element to have because people want to know what exactly you do and what you offer within a few seconds of landing! So make the most use of this area by being descriptive but to the point.

You’ll also notice all my templates usually have a “book a consultation” call to action button which I highly recommend as you are more likely to sell your services BUT you can totally change that out for “book your project” or “get started” or “let’s chat about your project” whatever you feel more comfortable with. the Showit platforms makes it so easy to edit and tweak things!

This template has a lot of the similar sections as the others previous, but it also showcases how you can have a featured or recent blog post section on your page! This can easily be created on any of the designs and you’ll learn how in my step by step course, Launch With Moxie, which comes your template purchase.

Idlewild Studio

A fun but professional design that will really showcase your projects! The color palette shown is soft taupes paired with a fun script that you can easily change out to another custom font if you wish! This design is minimal and perfect for the newer designer trying to really break into the business and own their brand. You’ll notice that some of my templates have an instagram feed placeholder at the footer, this can easily be added to any of them or removed if you prefer! Or you can even change up the style that’s shown. I have all my clients use lightwidget to create their widget and we embed it very simply onto their website. You’ll also be able to setup all the icons on each site to link directly to your social media accounts.

Studio Rosewood

Black and white design that I’m so in love with! All the features you could hopefully want or need and easily customizable if you need more. Showit is a dream to work with, trust me, simple click and edit text as needed. Double click photos to swap them out with one’s you’ve loaded into your media library. Change up colors with a few clicks and add in custom fonts or use any google font (which are all preloaded into Showit’s interface for your use!).

This may sound too good to be true or like it’s not going to be that simple, but it truly is! Like I mentioned, my course will take you through everything you need to know, and if you come across a challenge or unique circumstance, you can always reach out to me for assistance and guidance. I’m here for you!

I believe these designs are some of the best Showit website templates for interior designers that are available and you can get started today.

Another awesome thing to highlight is that Showit utilizes WordPress for blogging so that means you get the drag and drop ease of Showit paired with the SEO powerhouse that is WordPress = Unstoppable user control and an amazing presence that you can build online. I highly recommend blogging about your projects and such as it’s great for getting you more visible. Check out this blog post to learn more about how Showit + WordPress work together.

Alrighty, I hope you love these Showit templates as much as I do! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns!