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Best Showit Templates for Social Media Managers

Social media managers are a perfect candidate for utilizing Showit as their website platform. Showit is ideal for most any service based provider but you guys especially can get a site built, add your packages and get launched quickly! I want to share my top 6 Showit templates for social media managers today to give you a jumpstart on your search for the best website for you. BUT, don’t feel limited to this list by any means – all of my templates are easily customizable to fit any niche, even if it was designed specifically around that niche. These are just some of my Showit templates designed with social media managers and strategists in mind.

mockup image of avery johnson showit template

Avery Johnson

Fun, modern and eye-catching, the Avery Johnson Showit template for social media managers is one of my favorites! It’s design is unique and playful while still being professional and user-friendly. Each of my templates are totally drag-and-drop, easily adjust colors and fonts to fit your branding, add in your wording and images and get ready to start attracting your ideal client.

mockup image of maya steele showit template

Maya Steele

Natural tones, bold calls to action – Maya Steele is designed to convert (along with all the rest). The foundation under each template I design is made up of proven marketing strategies that are meant to attract your ideal client and get them to take action with YOU. Whether it’s buying your product, investing in your services or committing working with you on a monthly basis to manage a vital part of their business.

mockup image of jenna west showit template

Jenna West

Feminine and the perfect touch of modern, the Jenna West showit template is definitely one of my new favorites. Pink not your thing? Easily adjust to a more neutral cream or gray or rock another pale accent color – it’s all so easy to adjust in Showit, which is why it is my favorite website platform. It allows its users complete design flexibility and creativity. My templates are the perfect starting point to create a custom site designed just for you.

mockup image of addison quinn showit template

Addison Quinn

Addison Quinn is clean, minimal and very to-the-point. Perfect for the social media manager looking for something simple yet impactful. Designed primarily monochromatic but you can easily add a pop of color if you want! This template cuts the clutter and is designed around using killer copy that resonates with your ideal client.

mockup image of henderson avenue showit template

Henderson Avenue

The Henderson Avenue Showit template for social media managers has a confident and approachable vibe that is essential for your kind of business. Your clients want to know that they can rely on you to take such an important aspect of their business, off their plate. Following the framework designed to convert, Henderson is a great starting point for building a knockout website for your business.

mockup image of grayson avenue showit template

Grayson Avenue

Edgy but feminine, Grayson Avenue is perfect for someone looking to get launched quickly! Pink and dark gray color scheme but super easy to adjust and make you own. Each of my templates comes with a step-by-step course that will walk you through installing, customizing and launching your new site all within a matter of days. The course is broken down into 35+ videos so that you an easily watch what you need, skip what you don’t and get through the course within a day so that you are wasting no time at all.