9 steps to increase your monthly pinterest views

9 Steps to Drastically Increase your Monthly Pinterest Views

Hey guys! So today I wanted to share some insight into my newest favorite platform. Pinterest. No, Pinterest is not just for pinning your favorite recipes and DIY projects that you want to do someday. It can be used for your business. In fact, it can be HUGE for your business. Pinterest is basically a search engine. People go to it to find things that they love. And you, my friend, need to use it to get found! I’m going to walk you through my Pinterest strategy that got me from 24k monthly views and 40 followers up to 690k monthly views and 264 followers over a 90 day period. I started focusing on Pinterest back in March 2018 and the numbers are from March-June.

Update your Pinterest Profile

Show your name and tell what you do! Simple enough right? Think in terms of searching, what do you want people to know about you right away. That’s what needs to be in your name. Mine’s tricky since I have two brands represented on my Pinterest (because I already manage two instagrams and have no desire to manage two pinterests!) – JG Creative and Ellie+Rae but you can see what I did here to try and make the most of what I had to sell myself!


Clean up your Boards

Clean up existing boards, i.e. get rid of any that do not speak to your target audience. You can either delete them or at least make them secret so they aren’t viewable! And then create new boards that appeal to your audience. I actually have two target audiences but I focused primarily on just one the past 3 months, which was my tribe of mombosses, creatives and female entrepreneurs. My other audience is modern and trendy moms with babies. So if you go through my boards your see categories that speak to each of them!

Brand your Boards

Create cover images for your boards. Find or create a design that you love and be consistent. This little thing gives your Pinterest a more professional vibe to those that visit it! Also, organize your boards so that they look nice and give a great first impression to people that stumble upon your pinterest. They’ll decide whether or not to follow you based on these components most likely.

Pin Relevant Content & Consider the 80/20 Rule

This is a kind of a no brainer but hey it’s gotta be said. Pin content that relates to your audience. You can still pin recipes and stuff, but definitely keep them on your private boards, unless you are a food blogger haha! I pin content in these main categories: entrepreneur life, branding, design, inspiration, typographic quotes, nursery decor, baby style and baby products. That’s pretty much all you’ll see from me when I’m pinning! What’s the 80/20 rule? Supposedly it’s best to pin other people’s content 80% of time and your own content 20% of the time. I have a hard time creating that much content for myself just due to lack of time, so I’m not quite sure I’m there, but I am working on it. It hasn’t hurt me in terms of views so just pin as much as you are able and pin great content that other people are producing as well and it will help your views in tandem! Don’t stress too much if you feel like you aren’t getting 20%, I took this figure lightly and as I said, haven’t seen a negative impact.

Sign up for Tailwind or Another Pin Scheduling App

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tailwind. I use it and at the beginning I scheduled 10 pin a day, then I upped it to 15 pin a day. Which is where I was at the majority of my latest growth. I just recently upped it to 20 pins a day and will probably leave it there or take it back down to 15. So when I schedule pins, I typically will spend 30 minutes to an hour once every couple weeks. It doesn’t take near as long as it did at the beginning since I joined group boards. Now if I pin a great post about branding to 5 group boards + 2 of my own boards, I’m at 7 pins. So imagine how fast that goes to fill your calendar at 15 pins a day. It’s great. And when I add my own content, I simply upload it tailwind and add all the boards related to them at once and then add in one off boards, add descriptions and links, and publish/schedule. Make sure you shuffle your queue though – that way your pins going to multiple boards are spaced out and not pinning all the same content at one time! This way your audience will have a better chance of seeing it as well and it doesn’t clutter your “latest pins” feed.

Join Group Boards

Guys. These are awesome. Want to know why? Because if you are in say 5 group boards that all relate to blogging, you find a blogging related pin, and you can schedule it to pin in all 5 boards PLUS your own personal boards like my “blogging tips”. That’s 6 scheduled pins with the time of one pin. Which is amazing for efficiency and time management. I’m in group boards that relate to creative businesses, blogging, and branding. And I pin to them days. Also, I don’t just pin my own content, I pin other peoples content to the boards that I feel adds value to the other members in the group board or to our collective audience. In fact, that’s the courteous thing to do, pin other stuff and pin other people’s content into and from the group board, don’t be selfish and just pin your crap. It’s a group effort here! 🙂

Manually Pin as well, don’t only rely on Tailwind.

Just because you have 500 pins scheduled doesn’t mean you should completely forget about pinterest for 4 weeks. I pin manually a couple times a day just here and there as I feel like it. And usually what I pin during this time are things that I’m only pinning to one or two boards. It’s faster to just manually pin those than it is to get them scheduled. I think that’s the struggle with tailwind prior to have multiple boards related to the same category or prior to group boards. It was more steps and not as worth your time to schedule a pin to just one or two boards. For those, I pin them myself and it let’s Pinterest know that you are still active and not completely automated.

Create Content that is Pinnable

In order to gain traffic from Pinterest, you need to have content that is pinnable. Whether it’s products, blog posts, tutorials, etc. You need to create content that you can share. I have a variety of ways that I try and bring traffic to my sites. For Ellie+Rae, I pin all my products as well as my instagram feed. For JGCreative, I pin my blog posts, my templates, tutorials, and stuff that inspires me. And when I pin, I make sure the caption contains keywords that apply to the pin and that will hopefully be searched by my target audience. Once you have the content to pin, you need to create graphics that are Pinterest specific to showcase that content, which brings us to the last topic…

Create Beautiful Graphics

If you are like me, you are a sucker for a beautiful Pinterest graphic. I even have a board for them as inspiration because it’s so important to create visually appealing pins that people will gravitate toward and want to repin and share. I like my boards to look pretty so sometimes I won’t pin content if it has a crappy graphic, sorry if that’s superficial of me, but not really that sorry either. So work on creating graphics for your content that others will want to repin. For Ellie+Rae, I don’t have as much verbal content to share, mainly products, so for those I create vertical picture graphics just to help them show up better on Pinterest. I use Canva and Photoshop to make my graphics and again, I look for inspiration from Pinterest, which obviously has a ton! Stick with vertical layouts, easy to read fonts and keep them branded with your colors and type styles. I also try to make at least 3 graphics for each blog post or product that I have – I play with different layouts and wording that way each one has the potential to strike a different chord with potential viewers.



I hope you guys found that somewhat helpful at least! I’ve enjoyed learning about Pinterest and there is so much information out there, so make sure you keep researching and apply whatever tips and tricks seem to work best for you in the end! I recently purchased Jenna Kutcher’s Pinterest Lab as I was planning to train a virtual assistant but that fell through so now I plan to take it myself and further my efforts once I get a moment to actually dive into it!

I’d love to hear about your Pinterest strategy and if you have found anything to be successful for you to drive traffic to your brand or business! Comment below and let me know!

Thanks guys and until next time!