Adley’s Cozy Nursery + Guestroom

Adley's Nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative


Today we are walking through the lovely nursery and guestroom of Adley! Her sweet mama Lilly Cristy is a customer of mine and I fell in love with what she did with Adley’s room. It’s not easy to create a beautiful design that is mult-functional like she did here as a nursery and a guestroom. This room legit feels so cozy I just want to take a nap in it. Is that weird? I won’t, I promise Lilly, but it seriously gives off a quaint and comfortable vibe that has got to be perfect for a little one to rest in. Let’s check it out so you guys can see what I mean!


adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative

What was the driving inspiration behind your nursery or room design?

Being in a small two-bedroom apartment, I knew this could be a bit difficult. We knew we’d be moving out of our current apartment only a few months after Adley was born, but the nesting instinct is real and I knew I’d want to make her room special, even if it’d be packed up shortly after she arrived. It was also important that our spare bedroom could serve as a functioning guest room and storage space along with being a nursery….so the odds did not seem in my favor to make it a cute space. But, I love a good challenge, so that pushed me to make it a cozy spot that could be enjoyed by company and our little miss.

adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative

Is there a color palette or style that you felt drawn too?

Blush, burgundy & mauve. Quick back story…before having Adley, I was the brand manager & buyer at a local kitchen & home boutique. Across from our cash wrap we had a stack of pink pillows with a burgundy blanket. I stared at this stack for literally months and always loved the color combo of it. So when it came time to start designing Adley’s nursery, you better believe I bought that stack of pillows and that became my starting point for her sweet little room.

adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative

What is your favorite part about your design?

We have East facing windows in our apartment so the mid morning light in Adley’s room is so dreamy. It feels like such a calm space with its light walls and big window. Sometimes, I just go and sit in there and drink my coffee on the floor while Adley and my husband are still sleeping in the other room! I could spend hours in that space….plus having our guest bed in there makes it the perfect “nap room” for mama. 😉

adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative

Was there a piece you found and fell in love with that became the starting point for your whole design?

Back to the pillows…really they were my starting point! They were such an unexpected color palette that I just loved! I found it a bit challenging to find those three colors mixed together so it was fun to find ways to pull different pieces of this color palette together and incorporate them into the design.

adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative

What small shops (or big shops) were your favorite when it came to finding the items you were looking for in order to make your nursery dream come alive?

Instagram and Pinterest proved to be the most amazing resources for finding unique baby items. Though a lot of the core pieces are from big shops like Target, Babies ‘R Us and World Market, to name a few, it was fun finding some smaller pieces from individual makers who were usually mamas themselves! Our pillows came from the shop I managed before having Adley, Mint + Basil, our felt mobile from the Etsy shop, Must Be Felt and the wooden sign from House of Belonging (one of my favorites!)

adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative

adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative

Did you do any DIY projects for your nursery? If so, please elaborate!

If you can count putting together a crib as DIY, then oh yes….we definitely did some DIY, those things are a beast to put together!

Is there anything you would do differently now that you have “lived” in the space? Or any tips for other people who are inspired by your design?

Honestly, I can’t say I’d change much about this space. I feel like it came together perfectly and has really served us well for the past two months. Tips for other mama’s trying to work with a small space that needs to be a multi-functional room; just go for it! You will find a way to make it work for you and your family. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect, but it can be practical and lovely at the same time.

adley's nursery tour - jessica gingrich creative



Shop Adley’s Nursery

Must Be Felt Mobile

House of Belonging Sign

World Market Accordion Wall Hooks

Mint + Basil



So cozy and cute right? I love how inviting the space is and how comfortable it feels. That sign above the changing table is serious #nurserygoals and I love the message. And our wildflower onesie looks so perfect in here as well. 😉

I’d love to hear from any mama’s that are in the same boat as Lilly with limited space in their home! How have you guys adapted to create something unique for your little love? Share in the comments to give other mama’s some awesome ideas!

Thank you guys so much for reading and make sure you go follow Lilly and Adley here and check out her blog when you get a moment!

Much love, Jess

  1. Ashley

    May 16th, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    Love this so much and OBSESSED with that baby name 😍

  2. Elizabeth Nord

    May 17th, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    This is so pretty!! Love how cozy it feels 🙂

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