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 White and Blush Nursery Tour | Jessica Gingrich Creative

You guys are in for such a treat today. This GORGEOUS nursery is for the cutest little twins and was designed by photographer Nicole of NC Photography and @mylittlewhirlwind. Can’t go wrong with white and blush, such a beautiful and classic choice with a modern and minimal spin. Nicole is a huge supporter of small shops, you can check out the list below to shop everything pretty much! Her nursery features our engraved wood blocks along with so many other cute decor and apparel items for babes. Her two little girls, Makayla and Madison are so blessed to have such a beautiful space. I cannot wait for you guys to dive into the details and check it out! Read on, friends, and enjoy! Make sure you comment with your favorite part of Nicole’s design and also be sure to check out all the small shop mamas mentioned, so many great handmade shops.

Baby Girl's Modern Nursery Design | Jessica Gingrich Creative

Floral and Blush Nursery Tour | Jessica Gingrich Creative

What was the driving inspiration behind your nursery design?

This nursery is long over due. 5 years ago when we found out we were pregnant, all I could imagine was this beautiful dreamy girl nursery. No part in me thought we would have a boy, silly I know but I had so many ideas for a little girl’s nursery almost instantly. When we found out we were having a boy all of those dreams went into a gigantic pinterest board that just kept growing and growing for years to come. After a few years of infertility mixed with miscarriages one of the first things my husband said to me when we found out we were having…twin girls…was…THE ROOM IS ALL YOURS! He knew how much that meant to me and how long I had pictured all of it. So the inspiration was my heart. A super light and airy room filled with love.

Baby Girl's Pale Pink Nursery | Jessica Gingrich Creative

Is there a color palette or style that you felt drawn too?

I find it hard when deciding things to stick to one theme so I tend to gravitate towards pallets and put it together from there. It’s a girls room so of course pink comes to mind but I also wanted it to feel comfortable, coordinate with our home and not be over done with bright colors. Soft pinks was a definite must. One thing that changed as I designed it was gold accents. I really felt that was a must for me but I completely changed from gold to a more natural wood element in the design. I knew I wanted a softer wood to break up the white walls but I really wanted to stay as light as possible for the whole thing so this was a bit tricky at times.

Floral and Pink Nursery Inspiration | Jessica Gingrich Creative

What is your favorite part about your design?

I think I would have to say my favorite part of the design is the feature wall around the window. This was a huge decision for us as 1) wallpaper is not cheap 2) it seems so permanent even though it is just peal and stick 3) the rest of the room really fed off this one wall so it was important we made a good choice. There was no going back from that. I am so happy with what we chose. I was actually struggling with the room a bit before it went up because it was so white. Once we had that wall up it really made it feel like a little girls room.

Wooden Name Signs, Baby Girl Nursery | Jessica Gingrich Creative

Was there a piece you found and fell in love with that became the starting point for your whole design?

I wouldn’t say there was one piece that started the design. It was more finding the pieces as I went that pulled it all together. I knew 100 thousand % that I was getting two Jenny Lind Cribs so I guess you could say that was the first big piece we went with.

Handmade Baby Goods for Little Girls Nursery | Jessica Gingrich Creative

Did you do any DIY projects for your nursery? If so, please elaborate!

I love DIY projects but it wasn’t something I wanted to do with the girls nursery. I wanted it to be perfect but also a labor of love. So my husband took on  a big project and tackled the wainscoting himself. We learned a lot along the way and it wasn’t an easy task by any means but I love that he did this for them, and for me. it is extra special to me know. I also knew wainscoting was a must for me. If I could have some sort of wainscoting, batten board, ship lap or anything on every single wall in my house I totally would. I find it makes such a huge difference to a room and really changed the feeling.

Blush Baby Girl's Room | Jessica Gingrich Creative

Is there anything you would do differently now that you have “lived” in the space? Or any tips for other people who are inspired by your design?

When I had these amazing visions of designing a little girls room one day, I never in a million years imagined it would be for 2 little girls. Finding out we were having twins pretty m uch squashed all the plans I had.  Small rooms and two cribs was not an easy task. When we originally started we did a built in closest,  nothing fancy just some drawers and such from Ikea. But after starting to dress these little humans we realised it was an absolutely must to have more storage space. In came the dresser which took months and months to find. Absolutely nothing went up on the walls until this dresser was found because it decided where  the cribs were placed. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t have started the room until we had that dresser. The bigger pieces decide the space and can change everything.

I absolutely love the girls’ room. It is so inviting, soft and feminine with a hint of baby girl. I wanted it to be a space that they can grow and play in. Something they will love even if they decide they don’t like the color pink.
Baby Girl Onesies | Jessica Gingrich Creative
Baby Girl's Pale Pink Nursery Accents | Jessica Gingrich Creative

Shop Makayla & Madison’s Nursery

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Teether by  The Baby Niche BESTIE15 for 15%

Name Plaques | Wellwood Designs NICOLE10 for 10%

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Handmade Dolls | Cuddle and Kind

Accordian Rack | Kids Kulture

Personalized Swaddle Blankets & Bunny Lovey | Little Navy

Moon/Star/Cloud Pillow | Prosto Concept

Cribs & Chair | Wayfair

Crib Blankets | Anthropologie

Pouf | Home Sense

Dresser was purchased second hand and refinished | DIYK8

Onesies | Twin Bear Apparel


Love love love this nursery design and the fact that Nicole’s story is such an inspirational one. I’m so happy they were blessed with two beautiful, healthy baby girls and that Nicole’s vision for their room was able to come to life. It is such a beautifully simple design and I’m a sucker for the simple things. Bright whites and pale pinks are my favorite as well and I’m sure you guys are diggin it, too. Thank you so much for tagging along and sharing in Nicole’s vision for her sweet girls!

  1. Lisa

    September 3rd, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Love your twin girls nursery! It’s so peaceful. Where did you get those white shelves?

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